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I like to sleep in absolute, complete darkness but I know some people (ahem, Dad) who don’t. My dad likes to have a light on in the bathroom, so if you’re like him or travel with someone who is, pack a nightlight to put in the bathroom to guide their way. You can buy inexpensive nightlights at Target or online at starting at $4.97.



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13 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Bring a Nightlight"
  1. Ginny Driggs|

    I’ve done this for several years using an LED light. However, I am now carrying a combo nightlight/flashlight as you never know when you might need both. I also keep my I-Phone plugged in and by my bed serving as my bedside clock and morning alarm as it also provides a flashlight ap.

  2. liz|

    they also sell really cheap ones at the dollar store too

  3. Karen|

    We also travel with a night light, but w take one of those flat, “green” lights that take up almost no room in our kit. It also weighs almost nothing and you will never have the bulb burn out in a strange hotel room!

  4. carolsueayala|

    I used to travel with a night light. But now that I only go with carry on, every item counts. I downloaded a flashlight for my iPhone and switch that on instead when I tiptoe to the bathroom. Have to admit, I do worry about dropping it you-know-where….Like your daily tips and your name Johnny Jet. Read my travel stories at

  5. Norman|

    I usually just leave the bathroom light on with the door slightly ajar.
    Downside is when there is an accompanying bathroom air fan.

  6. Linda from Alaska|

    I actually bring a tiny flashlight, approx 2/5″ long, <.5" wide, use it to walk dark streets in unfamiliar places and/or when it is raining out. When I return to my room, I have a night light for the bathroom. Slim, efficient and dual purpose!

  7. travelingfools|

    We have a battery operated motion detection light which we put in the bathroom. It has travelled the world with us. It is a MUST for us — my husband eyelids “leak”!!!

  8. Anonymous|

    Ok idea if in US but buy one in Europe if going there or have to convert. more to carry.

  9. Deanna|

    I always leave the bathroom light on and slightly crack the door. I travel often and have awaken in the night wondering what city what hotel am I in?
    if the fire alarm goes off in the night and you have to jump up in a hurry a little light helps. I also leave my room key in front of the tv before sleep so I can grab it in a hurry before exiting my room in an emergency. Who wants to wait in line at the front desk to get a new key after a fire alarm.

  10. Chris|

    I always bring a battery operated tea light. Keep it in my Ditty bag. Just enough light to find the bathroom but not enough light to keep my roommates awake.

  11. Iver|

    As a 150K mile/year traveler I always carry 2 sources of light – a 60-lumen headlamp (for hands-free use) and “flashlight” software on my phone (uses the camera flash). Many hotels are poorly lit (resorts seem to be the worst…ahem, Scottsdale Fairmont); outlets on planes and Amtrak can be hard to locate; stuff drops on the floor of the plane (always poorly lit ); fumbling for cash in the back of a cab at night…. sure people think the headband looks goofy, but it’s well worth it. And yes I’m the guy with a square of bright duct tape on his (black) headphone case after having left a Bose headset on the plane and sitting on another one returning from the lav in the dark. Haven’t left anything on the plane since.

  12. Adam|

    Bringing nightlights and flashlights is just more stuff you have to travel with and more stuff you will likely forget in the hotel room.

    Alternatively, if you travel with a laptop the adaptor to charge the laptop inevitably comes with a small light. I usually plug that in the bathroom at night and try to put it next to the mirror (which amplifies the light). I find this solution works quite optimally and since I always plug in and download email before I leave the hotel it is highly unlikely that I will forget it.

  13. Janet Fickeissen|

    Tea lights now have a timer option – small and cheap enough to take more than one.

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