In-flight Wi-FiHow to Get an Hour of In-Flight Wi-Fi Free
I’m a huge fan of T-Mobile because of their amazing international plan and service. I tout them so much that they should probably hire me as a spokesperson! And: They’ve just gotten me to like them even more.

In addition to allowing customers to text in flight—on every Gogo-equipped flight—for free using Gogo in-flight internet, T-Mobile has announced that starting today (June 13), all T-Mobile customers will have access to a free full hour of Wi-Fi on every Gogo-equipped flight to surf, email and post via their smartphones. Customers can also use iMessage, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, and Viber throughout these flights to stay connected while flying. You have to love free texting and messaging, plus a free hour of Gogo Wi-Fi, on your smartphone.



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2 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: How to Get an Hour of In-Flight Wi-Fi Free"
  1. Dan Davies|

    It does say available for “all T-Mobile customers” but this may be misleading (or a lie!?!?). I switched my primary phones to T-Mobile 8 months after trying it out on a cheap phone for a year prior. I was sold on all the international perks. In fact, I was able to receive and make calls while hiking around Ayers Rock in the outback of Australia with my cheap phone…..Wow…I was sold! The Go-Go and free texting on airplanes and other perks sounded awesome! So, I purchased two unlocked Galaxy Note 4 phones. But, none of these perks seem to work on the new (and expensive) phones. Although I certainly am part of the “all T-Mobile customers” it seems that in order to get all the benefits, not only must you be a T-Mobile customer, but you must buy your phone from T-Mobile. Now I’m stuck with two expensive phones and none of the benefits! Thanks T-Mobile for not making this clear upfront!

  2. Brandon|

    T-Mobile’s free international internet service is limited to 2g speeds, making it essentially useless for today’s modern web, especially if you intend to do any VOIP calls. If you are a frequent traveller, you will get a much better deal by getting your phone unlocked or buying an unlocked phone. Picking up a sim card and doing a pay as you go data plan is usually worth it if you will be traveling for more than a few days.

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