Thanksgiving-Flights-610x310Be Thankful as You Travel
One of my top travel tips is to always be nice to everyone when you’re traveling. And I mean everyone—from the porters to the pilots, from the gate agents to the flight attendants, and everyone in between. And this tip holds especially true over the hectic holiday season.

Starting with Thanksgiving, travel turns particularly stressful and as it does, it becomes especially easy to take your frustrations out on the airport and airline crew members you encounter. Don’t. Many airline employees don’t earn holiday pay and they’re working hard to get you where you need to be so that you can celebrate with your family, even when it means that they won’t be able to celebrate with theirs. So remember to be kind, especially during this time of gratitude.



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3 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Be Thankful as You Travel"
  1. Linda|

    Being nice and thankful goes a long way when traveling. I used your idea of carrying little bags of chocolate when we travelled to New Zealand last year. We not only got a few smiles of thanks, we were helped through some difficult moments at the airport. Smiles and thank yous (and an occasional bag of chocolate) go far in the world.

  2. Linda|

    Thank you Johnny Jet! I’ve followed your blog since the beginning and just want you to know how much I appreciate your honesty, love of people and travel insights! Keep them coming!

  3. Michael Zullo|

    I have 5 friends who are flight attendants – 2 retired. I’ve heard too many stories from them about rude passengers taking their frustration out on airline employees and how hard at times it’s for them to remain civil and take the unsolicited flack. I forwarded your “travel tip of the day: be thankful as you travel”, to them. I’m certain they will had a huge Thanksgiving smile.

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