ElleAvoid Wrinkles
To avoid wrinkling my dressier clothes, I pack them separately in garment bags that I’ve gotten from the dry cleaners. I use the same ones repeatedly so I’m not wasting them and trashing the environment.

FYI: I got this photo with Elle Macpherson when I spoke at the Australian Tourism Summit early last year.



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9 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Avoid Wrinkles"
  1. DML Blane|

    Yes, we use long bags from the cleaners as well as very large zip lock bags to keep our clothes from becoming overly wrinkled. Those bags keep things organized as well for smaller stuff like socks, underwear etc.

  2. Ginny Driggs|

    I always take a small bottle of Febreeze with me (use a 3oz spray bottle bought at from Wal-Mart for $1). It helps a bit if something is wrinkled if I spray it on and hang overnight. It also helps freshen up clothes I want to hang up and wear another day.

  3. sheilape|

    Definitely works and keeping clothes on hangers makes unpacking a breeze. Use spray Downey for touch-ups

  4. Suzan|

    Have been using the bags from the dry cleaners as well thanks to martha Stewarts suggestion for years . I put everything that has been ironed in them. If possible I even leave the garmets on the terrible metal hangers and fold items so I can pull them out of the suitcase and hang up at my destination as there are often not enough hangers hotels. Its great how well things look even after being in a suitcase for a day of travel. Be sure to fold pants so the crotch is part of the fold so any wrinkles appear to be from sitting

  5. Duffy|

    What kind of bags are these? Do you buy them? Do you check them as luggage?

    1. Johnny Jet|

      No – you get them from the dry cleaners

    2. Suzan|

      The bags are the plastic ones that clothes are covered with after dry cleaning.suspect calling them garmet bags has caused some confusion. You could also use the plastic covers that we get when buying clothes from department stores.

  6. Puja Sharma|

    Yeah Johnny yes you are right i really enjoy this web it have so much info and i scroll it more than a hour thanks for sharing these info.

  7. Gail Costa|

    I do that and it makes it much easier to just hang them up at my destination. But I never knew about the spray fabreeze or downy. I have to try that. Actually, my husband tried it first before I got smart.

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