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Ask Your Uber Driver This Important Question
I’m pretty much an Uber expert, as I’ve taken well over 100 rides and (separately) ordered over 100 for my dad (he doesn’t drive anymore, so when I’m not in town these are his wheels). In no way is Uber perfect, but it has cut my travel costs and has made getting from point A to point B so much easier in countries where I don’t speak the language (all I have to do is input the address).

From all those rides, here’s an Uber trick I’ve picked up that you might want to consider yourself: When I’m going on a long trip (over 30 miles or over state borders), I know to call the Uber driver immediately after they agree to pick me up and ask them if they’re okay going to my destination, and if they have a toll tag so I/we don’t have to wait in any long toll lines. I learned this trick the hard way after waiting for my driver to show up in Connecticut to take me to JFK airport and suddenly being out of luck. I’ve had drivers show up and say, “Oh, I can’t go there” or “I don’t have toll tag.” Most drivers like the long drives, but you’d be surprised how many don’t want to take them—even after they’ve agreed to pick you up through the app. So to save time and aggravation, always call your driver and ask if they’re okay with your drive.

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5 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Ask Your Uber Driver This Important Question"
  1. Amy|

    I am an uber newbie. I live in a small rural area and most folks haven’t heard of uber. My question is, I need transportation from Ft. Lauderdale airport to a Miami hotel, close to the cruise port. Would uber be a good option?

    1. Johnny Jet|

      It would be and I’ve used it many times. For the cheapest use Uber X or Uber Pool not Uber. Here are some more tips https://johnnyjet.com/uber-tips/

  2. Candy Lack|

    Hi Johnny, this is off the topic at hand, but I’ve been trying to find the link you talked about a while back, regarding a way to get an airline refund if your flight was altered or canceled. Will you share that info again? Thank you! Candy

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Do any of these work http://bit.ly/2arpYKG

  3. A. Galindo|

    Hi there, am an active uber driver here at Cuernavaca in Mexico (about 60 miles from Mexico City), that has and does not use the toll tag this because uber at least here in Cuernavaca, quite often doesn’t reimburse one the cost of the toll, so; the one that has to pay if so decides is the user in cash up front.
    Regarding long rides like to the airport or mexico city, most of us do not take them just because tprice of rides here is way so cheaply convenient for the user, not for us partners/drivers, and after uber deduces their 25% taken from each ride, us ” “partners/drivers” can barelly cover for the cost of gas. Worst of this is that we cannot take fares from Mexico City to our hometown so, the only way we do them is if the user pays us full fare. It actually seems to be the same way there.

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