Peter Shankman

Want to know how to travel in style, just like the pros? We check in with frequent fliers to find out how often they fly, their favorite destinations and what they never leave home without.

Name:  Peter Shankman

Occupation:  Entrepreneur, CEO, World Traveler, Skydiver, Ironman, Adventurist

Hometown:  New York City, Baby!

Residence:  NYC


Twitter: @PeterShankman


Pinterest: You couldn’t pay me enough.

Bio: I’m what happens when you harness the power of ADHD for good.

How often do you fly?  3-4x per week.

How many countries have you been to?  41

How many continents have you been to?   6

Favorite American city?  New York

Favorite international city?   Bangkok

Least favorite country?  They’re all wonderful in their own way

Favorite airline?   United

Favorite aircraft type?  787 for travel, Otter for jumping out of

Aisle or window? Aisle

Favorite airport lounge?   United Club next to Gate 76, EWR

Favorite U.S. airport?  EWR

Favorite international airport?   Inchon, South Korea

Favorite hotel?   Starwood, but slowly becoming a Kimpton loyalist

Favorite cruise line?  Can’t cruise. Get bored way too fast.

Favorite island?   Phuket (and Manhattan, of course…)

Favorite fancy restaurant?   Anything my wife makes me put on a tie for.

Favorite hole in the wall?  Ta Cocina, 49th and 9th, NYC

Favorite travel movie(s):   Up in the Air

Favorite travel show(s):  Johnny Jet’s! (But really, who has time to watch TV?)

Favorite travel book(s):  Any language guide

Five things you bring on a plane?   Laptop, iPod, Skull Candy headphones, charger, antibacterial wipes

What do you always seem to forget?   Sunglasses, dammit!

Favorite travel iPhone app(s):  United App (for the DROID, thank you.)

Favorite travel book(s):   You can’t win – The Autobiography of Jack Black

Most embarrassing/worst travel moment:  Whenever I’m on a RJ135, I will ALWAYS bang my head when I stand up.

What’s your dream destination? Anywhere with a dropzone over a beach

Favorite travel website(s) – besides, of course!: Google News – You can never be too up on what’s going on.

Best travel tip: For Pete’s sake – SMILE! It goes a hell of a long way.

2 Comments On "Travel Style: Peter Shankman"
  1. Elise|

    This is a great interview! I love to see other people that have strong opinions on their favorite airlines and airplanes. People always seem to think I’m crazy. But as a frequent flyer myself, I am also partial to the 787s. I especially love Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner that recently debuted (for those that have not yet seen it, here is a great article and pictures at Le Chic Travel –’s-787/ ).

  2. Faith Pepper|

    I agree with Elise,

    This really is a very good interview, I haven’t seen one like it before and found it extremely interesting to read. I also think that anyone who does this much traveling as far more stamina than I do. Thanks for an enjoyable article.

    Kind regards

    Faith Pepper

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