Want to know how to travel in style, just like the pros? We check in with frequent fliers to find out how often they fly, their favorite destinations and what they never leave home without

Fred Glick
Fred Glick

Name: Fred Glick

Occupation: CEO, U S Spaces, Inc., U S Loans Mortgage, Inc., Arrivva, Co-Partner in Rentscoper.com and the Jshield, CNBC pundit

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Residence: Philadelphia, PA

Website: Fredglick.com

Twitter: @thefredglick

Facebook: /FredGlick

YouTube: fredglickmg

Short Bio: Fred Glick is a nationally recognized, award winning, mortgage and real estate professional, REALTOR® and UpFront Mortgage Broker® with many years of experience. He has closed over $1B of transactions over his career. Fred is the Principal of U S Spaces, Inc and U S Loans Mortgage Inc, Partner at Rentscoper.com and Cloudquarters, Inc, a product development company. Fred is Vice President of the UpFront Mortgage Brokers along with being it’s Chief Legislative Liaison. Fred has been featured for his real estate and mortgage expertise on CNBC, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, NPR’s Marketplace, CBS News, ThinkGlink.com, Philadelphia Inquirer and other publications. Please see fredglick.com for media replays, licensing information and social network connections. After a couple of cups of coffee, Fred writes smart, fun prose about real estate, mortgage and/or politics at his blog, twitter and Facebook page. He is also an avid ice hockey player and city bike rider.
Additionally, Fred is an active Board Member at the non-profits, Hidden City Philadelphia and Culture Works Philadelphia.

How often do you fly: 4-6 times a month

How many countries have you been to: 17

How many continents have you been to: 4

Favorite American city: San Francisco. It’s the Paris of the US, has predictable weather, has anything you want close by

Favorite international city: London, so much there and so easy to get to anywhere else

Least favorite country: Mexico

Favorite World Heritage Site: West Norwegian Fjords

Favorite airline: Virgin America!

Favorite aircraft type: A320

Aisle or window: Aisle….large water drinker :)

Favorite airport lounge: Frankfurt’s new Star Alliance lounge

Favorite U.S. airport: How can you not love Long Beach. Howard Hughes could be there any minute loading your luggage!

Favorite international airport: This’ll sound crazy but when I have time, I actually like Heathrow

Favorite hotel: Amangani in Jackson Hole, WY

Do you unpack into the dresser/closet? Or live out of your suitcase? Suitcase for most stuff, hang up the things that can wrinkle

Favorite cruise line: N/A, not a cruiser

Favorite island: Bora Bora on Tahiti

Favorite fancy restaurant: Slanted Door in SF. Ever want me assassinated, this is the place to wait to pull the trigger. Just let me finish the spicy imperial rolls and the spare ribs first!

Favorite hole in the wall: Paesanos in the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia

Favorite fruit: Banana

Favorite food: East coast authentic Italian

Least favorite food: Super new-super weird stuff

Drink of choice (In the air and on the ground) Water and San Pelligrino grapefruit soda

Favorite travel movie(s): Up In The Air , my GF says I remind her of the guy that’s the star. Clooney something?

Favorite travel show(s): Johnny Jet on The Tech Guy

Favorite travel book(s): Don’t really use them, move of a digital guy

Right now I am reading: 43*

Five things you bring on a plane: Water, two types of headphones, iPhones and over the ear noise reduction, Airbook, Airborne, all my luggage!

What do you always seem to forget: Airborne

What do you want your loved one to buy you from an airport duty free store? Good chocolate

Favorite travel iPhone app(s): Kayak

Most embarrassing travel moment: On a very delayed flight, I got so pissed at the rep behind the counter who would not give us answers, I picked up the microphone and said “Attention K-Mart shoppers!” The airline employee was not thrilled. But, yes, they did let me fly.

Worst travel moment: Being hand searched three times in Bogata airport

What’s your dream destination: New Zealand. Can’t find anyone to go for 10 days

Favorite travel charity: Carbon offsetting

Best travel tip:  Get the TSA pre-screen or Global Entry. Also, you can use google voice to make calls on the Gogo inflight wifi on VA (not sure about other airlines) within your browser from gmail.

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