Want to know how to travel in style, just like the pros? We check in with frequent fliers to find out how often they fly, their favorite destinations and what they never leave home without.

Dana Newman
Dana Newman

Name: Dana Newman

Occupation: Still working on figuring that out; writer, expat YouTuber, translator German to English, and editor, just to name a few!

Hometown: West Palm Beach, FL by way of Storrs, CT

Residence: Munich, Germany

College: University of Florida (Go Gators!)

Website: WantedAnAdventure.com

Twitter: @WantedAdventure

Facebook: I Guess I Wanted An Adventure

Google+: Wanted an Adventure

YouTube: Wanted an Adventure

Short bio: Dana Newman is an American expat vlogger and writer whose debut novel, entitled “Found in Prague,” is based loosely on her experiences living in the Czech Republic when she first moved to Europe in search of her roots. For the inside scoop on expat life (such as the truth about beer gardens and why the German sauna culture is like mayonnaise) as well as travel videos from around the world, check out her Wanted an Adventure YouTube channel. She can also be found on Twitter @WantedAdventure, sharing her international thoughts and musings in the most concise form the Internet has to offer.

How often do you fly? Really depends on the year. I like to do a lot of road-trip travel as well. I’d say I fly 6 or 7 times a year.

How many countries have you been to? 21 going on 22 this fall!

Earliest travel memory: My parents took me camping in Nova Scotia when I was 5. It rained. A lot. I remember being so disappointed that we couldn’t get a fire going for s’mores!

Favorite American city: Washington D.C.

Favorite international city: Prague for sure.

Least favorite country: Oh wow, this is a loaded question! Nope, not going to answer this one—I don’t want that heat or those hate emails.

Favorite World Heritage Site: West Norwegian Fjords—Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord.

Favorite airline(s): British Airways.

Favorite aircraft type: My vote goes to the good ol’ 747—the true Jumbo Jet. Don’t cry in the corner A380.

Aisle or window: Window.

Best flight attendant you’ve ever had: Shout out goes out to all British Airways flight attendants!

Favorite hotel: Eurostars Thalia in Prague.

Favorite island: Growing up it was Block Island, but now that’s gotten pretty full (everyone found it!), so now it’s Madeira. But the search continues!

Favorite fruit: Strawberries—self-picked are best.

Favorite food: Baby-back ribs with a wet BBQ sauce.

Least favorite food: I’m disgusted by mushrooms. Tuna fish salad is a very close second.

Drink of choice (in the air and on the ground): I’m boring in the air; I go for water, water, water. On the ground, love champagne juleps and a really well made mojito.

Favorite travel movie(s): The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and Sideways.

Favorite travel book(s): “The Polar Express”…does that count? :)

Favorite travel website(s)—besides JohnnyJet.com, of course! It’s an obvious one, but I really love TripAdvisor! HRS.com is also great for finding hotels.

5 things you bring on a plane: Chapstick, smartphone, blow-up pillow, decongestant, & wrist warmers knitted by my mom.

What do you always seem to forget? My chill pill :)

What do you like least about travel? Having to check a million times to make sure I’ve got everything with me. “Wallet, check; bag, check; honey, do you have your phone?”

Most embarrassing travel moment: It was actually more of an embarrassing moment for the friend I was flying with, but I’m going to steal it for this occasion. She went to use the restroom on the airplane, but instead of pushing the door in, she pulled, and the whole handle popped off in her hand! She stumbled backward with a slight shriek, then she tried to figure out how to put the handle back, but before she managed it herself, the flight attendant arrived to help. 

Worst travel moment: When I was 14, I was traveling back from Alaska with my parents. I had braces, and when the plane descended, it all of a sudden felt like my mouth was on fire. I’d never had problems flying with the braces before, but for some reason that time they tightened up very taut; it was all my parents could do to keep me from screaming! They worried that they looked like kidnappers as they pulled me through and out of the airport still crying all the way to the car. Then, about 10 minutes into the drive home, the pain disappeared just as suddenly as it had come. I dried my tears and was fine again!

What’s your dream destination? New Zealand.

Best travel tip: Respect the culture and traditions of the places you visit.

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