Virtual Post MailVirtual Post Mail is a pretty novel idea: It’s an online mailbox for your real U.S. post. Basically, you set up an account, which starts at $20 a month, and are assigned a mailbox. Your mail then gets sent to that mailbox and then you can access it online by logging in securely. In full high-definition, you can then sort through your mail, “opening” the mail you’d like by choosing to view it in full high-definition. When you’re traveling, this means you have full viewing access to your mail from anywhere you have internet—and because Virtual Post Mail holds your mail, you don’t have to worry about telling the post office or having a neighbor pick up your mail while you’re gone.

Of course, they don’t have to hold your mail. As you sort through it in your online mailbox, you can choose to have the letters and packages you want forwarded on to your home address. You can also choose to have junk mail thrown away—and still hold on to a digital copy of any and all mail you receive.

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  1. Anonymous|

    I’ve been using the same service from for years. lifesaver at times

  2. Nancy Barbara|

    Hey Johnny, there is another resource is there, if anyone needs mail forwarding service or changing postal address than this company is a good source.

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