Lindsay Taub on safari wearing Buff Headband

When packing for a safari in Africa, one of the most important tips is to be practical. Pack as little as possible and include items that are versatile and can be worn multiple times in different ways. One of the best I found and used basically every day while on safari was a simple headband by Buff Headwear that scrunched up to nothing in my bag.

It could be worn stylishly as a traditional headband, extended to cover your whole head if desired to both protect from the sun and the bugs. It could be used as a scrunchie type of hairband to get hair off your neck. It can be used to cool yourself off by soaking it in water and wearing it as a bandana around your neck. You can even go pirate style by tying a knot at the back. Literally, it comes with a guide that shows you at least eight different ways to wear it.

Lindsay Taub and travel pal Lanee Neil wearing Buff Headbands in the Serengeti

The UV Headband and The Seamless Headband were my favorites. The Seamless one is half the length of a standard UV Buff and doubles as a helmet liner, skullcap or headband without the bunching of excess fabric.

It’s also made with Coolmax Extreme fabric, blocks 95 percent of UV rays, quickly wicks away sweat, keeps you cool when it’s hot by allowing the heat to escape and provides an extra layer of warmth to slide over your ears on cold days, not to mention the practical bonus of being able to pull it over your nose and mouth during dusty safari treks through the African bush!

Simple. Practical. Stylish. My three words to describe what makes a perfect travel product.

While I will be bringing mine on my next outdoor adventure, my friend Lanee left hers in the Masai Mara of Kenya. Why? While visiting a Masai village in Kichwa Tembo, one of the elders was so fascinated with the seamless headband, Lanee decided to give it to her. She was beyond excited and as African creativity goes, she didn’t even need instructions to rock the Buff, as we said. It looked gorgeous on her, as pictured below. She had a glow and pride about having something special that no one else did. Our only regret was not having Buff to give the whole tribe!!

Masai elder wearing Buff Headwear gifted to her by my travel pal (Photo: Lanee Neil)

Here’s a video about how to wear a Buff:

YouTube video

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