RIBBNIf you took a roadtrip this summer, you probably realized pretty quickly that you should’ve brought a car charger capable of charging two devices, or maybe one that didn’t tangle. Well, TYLT’s elegantly designed RIBBN charger is billed as one of the most powerful car chargers on the market. It’s made of smooth, durable TPU coated in silicone, and comes in a variety of bright colors. Its 4.8-amp output can charge two smartphones or tablets simultaneously, and at three-feet long, can reach to the backseat. Your kids will definitely love it and you’ll be happy there’s one less thing for them to fight about on the road trip. The RIBBN charger plugs into a car’s cigarette lighter and comes with a built-in micro-USB or Apple Lightning (MFi-certified) adapter, plus an additional USB port for charging a second device. On Amazon, you can grab the micro-USB version for $39.99 and the Lightning version for $49.99.

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