With so many baby items on the market today, new parents could spend way too much time researching the options. Thankfully, now that I have had two babies, I’ve put in endless hours of research (twice!) and have been able to try out many different baby products. I’ve found that while some products may look great, they lack in functionality. Other products may function well but are bulky or not as user-friendly as I’d like. To help minimize the amount of time you need to spend researching products to use with your kids when you travel, I’m sharing some of my go-to travel essentials for new parents that have simplified my own travels.

Moby 2-in-1 Baby Carrier & Hip Seat
When my son was in that transition stage between using a stroller and walking, my husband and I ended up carrying him a lot. And the bigger he got, the harder it got. With the Moby 2-in-1 Baby Carrier & Hip Seat, you can take some of the pressure off of your arms when carrying your child. This baby carrier can be used from the infant stage until the toddler years (for children 12-45 pounds.). It features a detachable hip seat that helps to distribute your baby’s weight, which isn’t a feature that many outward- or back-facing carriers have. You can wear your baby facing you, front-outward and back or on your hip. It is also machine washable. So when your little one insists on being carried, this carrier is the perfect compromise for both of you.

Safety First Baby Monitor
The Safety First Baby Monitor gives parents the best view of nursery activities directly to your phone so you can keep an eye on baby wherever you are. It features noise- and motion-activated technology, so it stays quiet until sound or motion is detected. You can choose when you want to be notified and on which device. The extra-wide angle (130 degrees) gives a more complete view without having to pan and tilt to see baby and the 720p resolution camera uses less Wi-Fi and data than other monitors. The app has two-way talk and a 24-hour timeline review so you can look back at nursery activities. It even has a security chip that sets up a separate firewall between the monitor and home internet to ensure total privacy. It’s portable and easy to set up if you’re traveling, so can give you extra peace of mind.

Petunia Picklebottom Work + Play Backpack
A backpack is a travel essential for parents because it helps to keep your hands free. The Petunia Picklebottom Work + Play Backpack is a great bag to stash all your baby essentials, in addition to work and travel items. It features an interior and exterior that is water-resistant (spills and accidents are so much easier to clean up!) and it comes with two exterior pockets and an insulated side pocket for a bottle. There’s a built-in diaper changing pad, a wipe case and comfortable, padded backpack straps. The neutral color makes it perfect for both Mom and Dad and the stylish design and durability of the bag make it a must-have for on-the-go parents!

Maxi-Cosi Zelia Max
The Maxi-Cosi Zelia Max is perfect for a walk to the park and fits easily in your trunk for exploring across town and further. It is lightweight and easy-to-store, which is especially helpful for moms during the post-partum period. The 5-in-1 travel system comes with a car seat and a bassinet that snaps into the stroller. The stroller can be configured in five ways–carriage mode for babies and easily converts into a toddler seat as your child grows. Both configurations can be either parent-facing or world-facing. For more information on this travel system, check out this post.

Willow Breast Pump
Traditional breast pumps are big, bulky and a bit convoluted. And they’re generally not very travel-friendly. The Willow Breast Pump is a unique, all-in-one breast pump that allows you to pump hands-free and discreetly just about anywhere. The wearable pump allows Mom to pump directly into storage bags or a reusable container. It is also spill-proof in any position; just pop it into your bra and start pumping while continuing your day. Connect to the Willow App for tracking how much milk is pumped, pumping history and tips. There are only two parts to wash and they are also dishwasher safe. This modern upgrade of old-school breast pumps makes pumping while traveling so much easier.

This portable infant stroller and car seat score major points for busy parents that need easy mobility, whether it’s hopping on a plane or getting to the other side of town. Imagine using the stroller/car seat at the park but then deciding you need groceries across town before you go home. You can get in your car or catch an Uber easily with this stroller. The Doona easily folds the wheels up inside the car seat while baby is inside. Then, it easily clicks into the car seat using a LATCH connector system or 3-point seat belt. It is also certified for use in airplanes, making it so easy to fly with your infant. The car seat/stroller weighs just 16 pounds and is a total game-changer when it comes to traveling with a little one.

Milk Snob Covers
If the canopy on your car seat doesn’t shade baby completely (which I think is most of them), use a pretty Milk Snob Cover to block baby from the sun’s harmful rays. It can also be used in many other ways, like as a cover for breastfeeding, keeping you and/or baby warm on a chilly airplane, and covering shopping carts, high chairs and infant swings. The cover is made with a soft, breathable rayon blend fabric. It’s the perfect multi-tasking item to always pack in your bag.

Lotus Bassinet + Crib
The Lotus Bassinet/Crib bundle is an easy and convenient sleep environment that grows with your baby and transports easily. It comes complete with a bassinet that has plenty of room for your newborn and converts into a ‘pack and play’ when your little one outgrows the bassinet. It is lined with breathable mesh along the side, making it easy to keep watch on your newborn and allows good airflow for baby. It comes with a carrying case and can be easily folded up to take with you for trips near and far.

Place your little babe almost anywhere safely with the Dockatot Deluxe (for babies 0-8 months) or Dockatot Grand (for babies 9-36 months). The Swedish-designed dock system weighs just 3.7 pounds and gives your baby a comfortable and secure place to lounge and play. The fabric lining and material inside are all easy to wash. Plus, there are so many cute colors and designs to match your room or mood! Thanks to its lightweight and portable design, it’s easy to travel with. You can also purchase a travel bag to keep it clean when you’re on the go.

Posh Peanut Swaddle
This stretchy extra-large swaddle not only keeps baby comfy but it can be used in so many other ways. In addition to the Post Peanut Swaddle being one of the best swaddles for baby, it makes a great blanket for the stroller, breastfeeding cover or a receiving blanket. There are so many stylish colors to choose from and it’s made of viscose from bamboo, which makes swaddling simple. There are also matching headbands and hats. Mom and baby can even color coordinate with a matching robe for Mom, too.

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