The perfect travel bed for toddlersWe’re in Toronto right now. My four-year-old niece recently came over to spend the night with Jack. I asked Natalie where she was going to sleep, since we only have one bed and a couch, and I was on the couch. Natalie told me not to worry, as she had a bed. “Where?” I said. She’d only had two little bags when her parents dropped her off. It turned out that in one of those bags was this bed she was speaking of. When Natalie asked me to blow it up I thought I was in for a long night.

Well, as you can probably guess: It was so awesome that I’m writing about it now! This travel bed for toddlers comes with an electric pump and it seriously takes less than a minute to blow up. It’s called the Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed, and it’s won numerous design awards, which doesn’t surprise me. First of all, it’s compact so it’s great for travel. When rolled up it’s just 16″ x 7″ and it comes with a small pump, with which it takes approximately 30 seconds to inflate.

When it’s inflated, the mattress is 60″ x 37″ x 9″ (152cm x 94cm x 23cm). It doesn’t squeak. There are guard rails and a tuck feature that helps toddlers feel secure, cozy and right at home. Thanks to the its unique design, standard-sized crib sheets and blankets tuck into the inner air mattress. It also comes with a convenient carrying bag and a repair kit. Best of all: It only costs $69 on Amazon!


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