Next Flight iPhone AppIf you’ve ever missed a flight and needed to book a seat quickly, or just wanted to see if you could catch an earlier flight, then this app is for you. Next Flight provides you with a list of available flights (from all airline carriers) for the current day and the two following days. Once you provide your origin, destination & departure date, the application lists all the available flights for the selected day from all airline carriers including their departure and arrival timings. You can drill down to the flights details which provides additional information like the Departure/Arrival timings, Terminal & Gate info so you need not hunt for information monitors at the airport. ($3.99 for Android and $2.99 for Apple).

5 Comments On "Travel App of the Week: Next Flight"
  1. Cela Blair|

    My next flight app is not working

    1. Vn|

      It looks like it was shut down

  2. Gail|

    What happened to this great app??? I paid $2.99 for it in Feb. and it just disappeared 2 days ago. Is it coming back???

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Good question!

  3. Kathryn|

    Please help us get this invaluable app up and going again!

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