TippingDon’t you hate it when you’ve just arrived in a new country, the bill arrives after your first meal and you realize you forgot to do your research on local tipping culture (how much or at all, as it’s considered rude). Global Tipping is a free app for iOS ($0.99 if you want it without ads) that lets you know how to tip in over 150 countries, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. With its help, you’ll know the right amount in restaurants, hotels, taxis, salons, and more. Global Tipping also helps you split the bill with your dinner-mates and divide fairly between drinkers and non-drinkers.

4 Comments On "Travel App of the Week: Global Tipping"
  1. Sylvia|

    Johnny – Global Tipping App not available in the USA?

  2. Ted|

    This app sounds great, but when I tried to download it, it said it isn’t available in the United States. What’s the deal, Johnny?

    1. Johnny Jet|

      I made a mistake! It’s currently only available in Canada (or that’s where I downloaded it). Will find a new one

  3. Jo Trust|

    Can you do an article on tipping in Europe, please

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