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Toothbrush holderIf you’ve stayed in a hotel with a small or even a large shower but had no place to put your toothbrush, toothpaste, razor…raise your hand. My hand is raised because I find this happens often and it bothers me. I’m one of those people that likes to get things done in the shower, especially in destinations where you don’t have to take a minute-long shower because there’s a drought. But when there’s no shelf or space to put my toiletries, I find it frustrating since I don’t want to leave them on the germy floor and I don’t always succeed with my throw from the shower to the bathroom sink when I’m done with them.

That’s where this travel toothbrush holder comes in. It’s made by a company named Tooletries (get it?), which uses a special silicone to attach and reattach the toothbrush holder that also has—get this—a bathroom mirror. It costs $17.99 on Amazon and it grips to shiny, glass-like surfaces like glass, mirror, shiny tiles, marble and metal (it doesn’t work on stone and other unglazed tiles). It’s a 100% waterproof and has a custom drainage system.

I know it’s one more thing to carry but it doesn’t take up that much space, especially if you check your bags.


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