Being a father, I always want to be prepared to take care of my family, which is why I have a house (and car!) full of emergency gadgets. I wrote about the 10 items I have in case of emergency here. But I’m going to have to update that article soon since I need to add the Jackery Solar Generator 1500.

A while back, Jackery sent me the Jackery Explorer 1500 and 4 SolarSaga 100W solar panels. This gives me a lot of comfort sleeping at night knowing that in a world of so much uncertainty, especially living in California, global climate change and weather wreaking havoc on states’ (not just California) electric systems, that I will have some power without using a noisy, gas-guzzling generator. It’s also great for camping or for those with an RV.

Jackery Explorer 1500
For those who are more technologically literate than me, here are some of the features, directly from their site:

-Power up to 85% of appliances: 1534Wh lithium battery capacity, 1800 running wattage (3600W Surge Power).
-Multiple output ports with three AC Pure Sine Wave AC outlets. 1*PD 60W USB-C Port, 1*Quick Charge 3.0 Port, 1*USB-A Port, 1*12V car port, which can power 7 devices simultaneously.
-Efficient solar charging with MPPT built-in makes it a Solar Generator for camping, RV, tent, or emergency.

Jackery SolarSaga 100W Solar Panels:

-High conversion efficiency up to 23%, building up a Portable-Solar-Generator System with Jackery Explorers.
-Equipped with 1* USB-C output port and 1* USB-A output port, charging multiple devices at the same time, including smart phones, tablets, digital cameras, etc.

The best part about these devices is that they’re green. Not in color, of course, but in life. Using the solar panels captures energy directly from the sun instead of using fossil fuels and creates zero carbon dioxide or other pollutants. As I mentioned earlier, unlike a traditional generator, this operates without any noise. What I didn’t mention is that it’s extremely easy to use. Just press the ‘One Button’ to start the solar generator. And there’s no extra cost on fuel and maintenance.

Jackery is celebrating its 9th anniversary and between October 18th and 20th, they’re having a 15% off sitewide sale. For more information, check out

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