Hawaii is one of my favorite destinations on earth and ringing in the New Year there has become a family tradition, ever since my wife and I got married. Unfortunately, this is not the time to go to Hawaii (here are 10 good reasons to postpone your Hawaii trip) but it is a good time to plan a trip there.

Obviously Hawaii depends on tourists so for the Governor and the state’s tourism board to actually ask people to hold off on their trips for a couple of months, is quite something. Let’s just hope (and pray) COVID cases and hospitalizations in Hawaii and around the world start to retreat.

If you went to Hawaii this summer or if you were keeping up with the news, you would have seen that Hawaii was flooded with visitors who were longing for an escape. On top of that, with the rental car apocalypse and labor shortages it was difficult to get around the islands. You were lucky if you were even able to get a car, whether it was a car rental, a U-Haul or a ride share … and you may have had to pay astronomical rates or wait for a pick up.

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I’ve been meaning to write about this relatively new company as I was seeing local friends post about Holoholo on social media. It turns out they’re the only Hawaii-based and locally-owned rideshare company in Hawaii. They were founded by SpeediShuttle’s CEO to create an alternative to Uber and Lyft for a number of reasons including trying to get rid of surge pricing.

Holoholo is a transportation network company offering a marketplace of community drivers on Oahu, Maui, Hawaii Island, Kauai & Lanai. The company’s mission is to simplify the ridesharing experience and connect its communities to local businesses in Hawaii.

How to Book a Ride
If you’re Hawaii-bound, I highly recommend downloading their free app from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store and sign up with a valid credit card.

If you don’t have a smart phone, then you can also book via Holoholo’s website. Just enter a mobile phone number, email and valid credit card. No signup is needed. Note: App features like driver tracking are unavailable if booking online.

Another reason you might want to give Holoholo a shot is because they have a new driver vaccination option so customers can choose a vaccinated driver. Holoholo is the first rideshare company to offer this service but I have a feeling others will quickly follow suit. I would much rather be in a car with a vaccinated driver than one that is not. How about you?

The new option is available when booking a ride via their app or website. Here are Holoholo’s products and services:


  • Vaxd (1-4 pax): Ride with vaccinated driver
  • Holoholo (1-4 pax): Affordable, everyday rides
  • Green (1-4 pax): Low-emission rides


  • Holoholo XL (1-5 pax): Larger vehicles can seat up to 5 passengers
  • Luxury (1-4 pax): Premium rides with highly-rated drivers


  • Assist (1-4 pax): Special assistance from certified drivers
  • Military (1-4 pax): Base access made easy

2 Comments On "The New Transportation App Hawaii Travelers Should Download"
  1. Schuyler Sandheinrich|

    We were in Hawaii 2 Dec 21 to 17 Dec 21 and we tried to get ahold of Holoholo and were told they are out of business. We asked an airport employee at the airport. Maybe I have bad info?

    1. Johnny Jet|

      I will have to ask a Hawaiian friend but it looks like they’re still in business since you can book online

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