I’ve seen all kinds of clocks on the internet, including dozens of different faces for my Apple Watch, but none of them come even close to the Earth Clock.

Earth Clock isn’t the fastest way to tell time but it is certainly the most unique. It shows five images of planet Earth and then it goes to work by zooming in, one by one, looking for views of Earth from above that resemble numbers. They could be natural, like a snaking river for the number five or manmade like a football stadium for a zero.

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If your computer clock isn’t set to military time, then the first earth will find something that looks like a zero. The third earth will be looking for a colon. What’s cool is that on any or all of the numbers, you can drag and zoom around any of the views to explore the area.

You’re not going to want to use this clock to tell time every time but you can make it your screensaver. It’s just a unique and fun way to tell time – especially if you’re into geography and/or travel. Plus, your young kids or grandkids will love it, too!

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