Guadeloupe Islands (Credit: Travels with Darley)

Quarantine is giving frequent travelers all over the world itchy feet. While I’m enjoying my time at home and loving all the time I’m spending with my family, I have to admit, I’m ready to get out there again. I’ve been thinking about the first place I want to go and wondering where everyone else wants to go first so I checked in with frequent travelers to find out!

But first: Where do I want to travel to? If you’d asked me before the quarantine, I would have said someplace really exotic and extravagant like the around the world trip I canceled in early February, which included Toronto, London, Helsinki, Singapore, Thailand, and Hong Kong. But when this is over, the first place I want to go is Florida to visit my 91-year-old dad who is alone in a senior home. Being separated from loved ones has been hard for a lot of people, myself included. And I would really like to take my family on a trip to Hawaii, Maui in particular. Hawaii is so special to us and I can’t wait to take our new daughter there for the first time.

Where do other frequent travelers want to head? See what they had to say below. And where do YOU want to travel first? Leave a comment below and let us know!

“My first major trip might be to Portugal. I was supposed to go May 1 but had to cancel. I’d love to reschedule but it might have to wait until 2021. I’ve been toying with a quick getaway to Bermuda or the Bahamas but am not sure what sort of international travel restrictions might exist. Otherwise, my family and I might escape to upstate New York to spend some time in the mountains. My biggest frustration right now is not knowing an end date to our isolation and the uncertainty over travel restrictions. I’m looking forward to planning as many vacations as I can for the rest of 2020 but am still afraid to book anything but a fully-refundable trip. That lack of clarity has me do tons of research and nothing more than speculative, refundable trips.”
—Scott Mayerowitz, Executive Editorial Director, The Points Guy

“I’d like to take a beach vacation (with friends!) in the French Caribbean. I’m dreaming of days spent hiking in rainforests and playing in the ocean and evenings at sunset at a beachfront restaurant with good rum drinks and fresh seafood. That sounds like a great way to destress and to practice the French I’m attempting to learn during this time of staying home.”
—Darley Newman, Travels with Darley

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“The first place I want to visit is probably Hawai’i. I was supposed to be taking my team there in early May but that’s obviously off. Hopefully we can get back soon.”
—Brett Snyder, author of

“I really want to be back in Yosemite National Park and Oakhurst, California. This area has become a second home for us that we try to visit many times during the year. We love being in the park and the community of Oakhurst. I can’t wait to be back there enjoying amazing food I don’t have to cook or do the dishes after enjoying it. I dream of pulling through Tunnel View and getting the first look at Yosemite Valley. Spending time just staring in awe at the waterfalls, El Capitan, Half Dome and all of the wildlife. I can’t wait to rent a boat and spend the day exploring Bass Lake (where the Great Outdoors was filmed). I dream of waking up to the smell of fresh warm croissants at Chateau du Sureau, taking a cooking class at Erna’s Elderberry, and having a date night in the restaurant with my amazing husband. Being able to travel again is going to be truly amazing and I know that I will savor all of the moments even more than I used to.”

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“Costa Rica. I was supposed to leave yesterday to go to Nayara Resorts near the Arenal Volcano, and unless the rainy season has begun by the time the lockdown ends, that’s where I’ll head.”
—Arnie Weissmann, editor in chief, Travel Weekly

“I’d like to go back to London. Because my need for a London fix dates back to before the crisis began. It’s my favorite big city in the world, feels like the center of the universe to me, and what better place to celebrate the return of long-haul travel.”
—Chris McGinnis, TravelSkills on SFGate

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“We’re torn between two places to visit. For ease and greater peace of mind, we’ll probably travel domestically to start with and then head overseas once things have settled down a bit more. So let me give you our destination for both:

“Domestic: Florida road trip. We’re meant to be there now, so we’re keen to pack the car and head where it is warm to enjoy relaxed living on the beaches, in the natural springs, and enjoying a few mojitos down in the Keys. This will be the perfect slow, reintroduction to travel.

“International: We’re already planning a road trip of the UK and Ireland. It’s been 17 years since we last visited and we’re dying to get back for some rolling green countryside, historical and educational experiences, and of course, loads of Guinness and many cute Irish pubs.”
—Caroline and Craig Makepeace,

“As soon as our mandatory home confinement relaxes here in Barcelona, I’m immediately making a break for the coast, which I can just barely catch a glimpse of on a clear day from the terrace of the apartment we’ve been stuck in for five weeks and counting. I want to rent a car and just drive along the coast of Spain, stopping wherever we like and want to explore. Then I’d like to continue driving the French Riviera and possibly even Italian Riviera. My reason why is because we moved to Barcelona at the beginning of March with the intention of taking many cheap and random flights all over Europe…but since I doubt flights will immediately bounce back, I’m aiming for the most possible mode of transportation and travel! Plus, who doesn’t want to spend the summer (hopefully) meandering along Europe’s coastal gems?”
—Alyssa Ramos,

“Where is the first place you want to visit when it’s safe to travel again? I would love to spend about a month in Oaxaca City, Mexico. I want to learn Spanish and immerse myself in a course there: it’s beautiful, inexpensive and has some of the best food in the world. Traveling is wonderful but I feel like I am missing out on the total experience when I can’t speak the language.”
—Paula Froelich, founder, A Broad Abroad

“When we can finally safely travel again, the first places I plan to visit are all the destinations I have avoided in the past due to over-tourism! When travel comes back, it will most likely be a gradual build up and won’t just go back to where we left off, so I plan to visit places that are normally over-crowded. I generally head for more off-the-beaten-path destinations to avoid droves of tourists, so the places I would like to visit are Petra, Machu Picchu and Iceland—places that are normally busy with tourists. I hope to get there before the crowds come back!”
—Valerie Wilson, Trusted Travel Girl

Where do you want to travel first?

Leave a comment below and let us know!


5 Comments On "The First Place Frequent Travelers Want to Travel"
  1. Elizabeth Hansen|

    I’m so grateful that we were able to spend time in Palau in January before the virus hit the U. S. That amazing archipelago had been on the top of my bucket list for decades, and it was even more wonderful than I’d imagined. Even now, when I’m not busy washing my hands and need an escape, I close my eyes and visualize swimming with ethereal jellies in Jelly Fish Lake.

    I think I’ll be a bit cautious for our first time out after – or during a break from – the pandemic and opt for a car trip. Maybe up the coast from San Diego, possibly as far as Vancouver and then across to Alberta – basically taking our quarantine bubble on the road.

    Elizabeth Hansen, Travel Editor, Ranch & Coast

  2. Kathryn Tracy|

    I’d like to road trip the 3,000 miles of the Great River Road from New Orleans. LA to St. Paul, MN, either direction, returning via paddlewheeler, which I have already done from NO to Memphis.

    Or trail the Vancouver/Fraser Valley wineries of Canada, possibly river-barge the 125 miles of the RIdeau Canal, alternatively in winter ice skate the world’s largest naturally frozen river ice skating rink, the same Rideau Canal!

    Alternatively, abroad, I’d like to hop a ride on the TransSiberian Express the full length from China to Russia or explore Lapland in winter, taking in an igloo hotel, reindeer sleigh ride, dog sledding, the Northern Lights.

    Otherwise, I’ll just stay home.

  3. Gary Bores|

    Having our trip to Croatia and Slovenia cancelled, my wife and myself are now contemplating the reopening of our own state of Idaho and our neighboring states for opportunities to ease back into the traveling mode. We’ll enjoy road trips which will include golf to various Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.destinations. Later we’ll hope to once again embark on overseas travel to the Balkan countries. In addition, we hope to make a trip to Acadia National Park and other parts of Maine in the fall.

  4. Janet|

    Arizona in late fall to possibly retire there.

  5. Kerr|

    Palau is so beatiful I saw pictures on worldee and its my favourite one.
    Thank you for article.

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