Carry-on trickEach Friday, we feature a reader-submitted tip as our Travel Tip of the Day. This week’s tip comes from reader Lyn C., who says:

“When I pack my carry-on, I use two recycle bags. In one, I put all the items I may want at my seat (tablet, snacks, glasses, gum, pen, paper). I carry that bag separately when I leave the gate area to go into the jetway. In the second recycle bag, I pack all the items which could break or are not replaceable (meds, camera, electronic plug-ins, etc.). If I am told in the jetway that there is no more carry-on room and my carry-on must be stowed as luggage, then I quickly unzip my carry-on and take out the second recycle bag. At that point, the only thing left in my carry-on is one ziplock with a clean shirt and underwear. There is nothing left to break, get stolen, or get lost…except my clean underwear.”

Very smart. Thanks, Lyn!

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  1. AM|

    Hi. I love this travel vintage style. I do myself use a old hand leather bag, every year it gets better.

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