The new year is upon us and with it comes all kinds of well-intentioned resolutions. And some are much easier to keep than others. Sticking with your promise to go to the gym five times a week may fall by the wayside by week four, so why not make a resolution that’s way more fun to keep? How about taking a personal pledge to travel more in 2016? Now that’s the kind of resolution I can get behind!

Overnight is a new app that’ll let you book same-day stays with local hosts and it’s going to help make travel easier, more accessible and more affordable for people around the globe in 2016. And to start the year on the right foot, they’re encouraging everyone to take the pledge to make 2016 the year they travel more. And that doesn’t have to mean planning a three-week, drain-your-bank-account kind of vacation. Maybe it’s just a weekend getaway or even an overnight escape but whatever it is, it’s all about getting out there and exploring a spot away from home.

So if meeting new people, having new experiences and making friends sounds like a good way to jump into the new year, then join the Overnight movement, take the pledge and commit to travel in 2016. Make this your year of adventures, big or small!

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