SOAR appI used to be afraid to fly, so I truly sympathize with those suffering from a fear of flying. The good news is that you can get over it—because if I did, then anybody can. I recently recommended a fear of flying book called “SOAR.” It’s written by Captain Tom Bunn, who developed effective methods for dealing with flight anxiety. Nearly 10,000 graduates of the SOAR program are now flying anxiety-free.

In addition to his book, the SOAR program has an app (Android and iOS). The SOAR app features tools and guidance designed to help you fly more easily, like immediate access to weather information and turbulence forecasts. There’s even a G-Force button that will read your current turbulence to show you that the plane can easily sustain it.

There are some basic exercises for free but most of the good stuff is pay-to-play. But it’s definitely good to know that with the SOAR app, users can quickly download fear-of-flying courses starting at $19.99.

There’s a variety of course, but in general they will help you become an expert in how flying works and how flight safety is maintained. There’s one on how back-up systems—and back-ups to the back-up—are activated if needed. You can learn about safety systems that prevent pilot error. The featured one is called “Take Me Along,” in which Captain Bunn coaches you step-by-step through the flight.

Have you dealt with a fear of flying? Would you try SOAR?


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