Get an annual Shipt membership for $89 using promo code Fbt7d.

Have you used Shipt? I’m a relatively new member and I can’t believe it took me so long to discover the benefits of this amazing same-day delivery service. (Shout out to my neighbor Jenna who not only got me hooked but also hooked me up with her Shipt promo code, which saved me $10 off the annual membership, which I’m about to do for you too, so read on!)

These days, there’s practically nothing you can’t get delivered straight to your front door, from diapers to dinner. (At the time of publication, DoorDash had 4,021 restaurants in Los Angeles alone to choose from!) Instead of fighting through the crowds at the grocery store on busy weekends, I order groceries online and have them delivered when it’s convenient. Instead of carting large items like boxes of diapers or heavy things like laundry detergent home myself, I can have them arrive on my front doorstep. Some may call this the height of laziness, but for me, it’s a luxurious convenience. Delivery services have made life so much easier, leaving more time for me to spend with my family. And of course, during the pandemic, which just doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, Shipt is the perfect solution for avoiding crowded grocery stores.

Shipt: Same-day delivery
I recently discovered Shipt (acquired by Target in 2017) and I love it! Shipt offers same-day delivery (with a minimum order spend) from local stores in as little as one hour. In my neighborhood, I can shop from Target, CVS, Vons, Northgate Market, Smart & Final, Petco, 99 Ranch and Office Depot and Office Max. (Online, you can enter in your zip code to see what local stores are serving your area.) You can shop for whatever you need and have it delivered as quickly as one hour later. The service is especially handy if you’re cooking and realize you are missing ingredients or if you run out of a household essential and don’t have time to run out and pick it up. I’ve got two little ones at home so there’s no such thing as a quick trip to the store to pick something up. Shipt makes it possible to get what I need without wasting time pleading with my toddler to cooperate so I can run a quick errand. In fact, a version of this scenario is precisely what prompted founder Bill Smith to start Shipt in the first place.

I mostly use Shipt to shop from Target and I love that the service is integrated right into the Target app. So while you’re browsing the app, it’ll tell you if the item is eligible for Shipt’s same-day delivery.

I also love to use Shipt when I’m traveling home after being away for a while. Before leaving home, we always make sure we’ve eaten up all the perishables in the fridge but that means the fridge is essentially empty when we get home. With Shipt, I can place an order for milk, eggs, fruit, veggies and other items that we need and have them delivered as soon as we arrive home.

Shipt promo code
An annual Shipt membership is $99 for unlimited deliveries but with my referral code, you can get the yearly membership for $89. When you sign up using my Shipt promo code (Fbt7d), I’ll get $10 towards future Shipt purchases but once you’re a member, you will also get a personal code to share with friends and family so you too can offer them $10 off their membership and you’ll get $10 back for every person who signs up.

I’ve been an Amazon Prime member for years and two-day shipping is great. But when you need things right away, you can’t beat Shipt. It’s definitely worth the annual membership fee. It’s really been a game-changer for me so I hope you enjoy it, too!

14 Comments On "Why a Shipt Annual Membership is Worth Every Penny (Plus a Promo Code to Get You Started)"
  1. Shirley|

    Will the deliver prescriptions from a pharmacy ie Walgreens? What about during shelter in place situations such as now in California?

    1. Johnny Jet|

      In CA all the pharmacies and grocery stores are open. They still deliver but will leave it on your doorstep

  2. Laurel Peters|

    I paid for a script membership. Right now they are so backed up that I have been trying to get a delivery all week, and I keep getting the message that they have no availability for delivery , keep trying, what’s the point of paying for a service if they can’t do what they said they will do

  3. Kevin Fenn|

    Shipt is horrible. Before you sign up go on line and check the comments, you will be amazed at what you see.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      My wife uses it a couple times a week and has never had any problems. In fact, she’s even made friends with one of the delivery persons

  4. Richard Henderson|

    Johnny, I used your link and the promo code that you provided for the Shipt membership. However, when I tried to sign up they still wanted to charge me 89.00 dollars a year. I used your promo code Fbt7d, but they still wanted to charge me 89.00 dollars a year. I don’t get why it didn’t work?

    1. Johnny Jet|

      This was my wife’s tip and it looks like there has been so much demand they changed the offer to just $10 off. Sorry!

  5. Sandra Salgot|

    I’ve been trying to sign up for the Shipt delivery service you are giving your subscribers for $49/year. Every time I try online it only offers it for either $89/year, $8.99/mo for annual or $14 for monthly. There isn’t any place to insert your promo code of Fbt7d. I tried calling Shipt to ask them if I could do it over the phone, but their wait time for phone calls was TWO HOURS long. I tried their website “chat line” and the wait time undetermined. Any suggestions? Do you know how long your $49 offer is guaranteed for?

    1. Johnny Jet|

      This was my wife’s tip and it looks like there has been so much demand they changed the offer to just $10 off. Sorry!

  6. Sydney|

    Hey, I tried getting the Shipt discount you promoted today through the link on your blog. Today’s promo you listed stated that signing up for the annual membership would cost $49 instead of $99. There wasn’t a place to insert a promo code, and using the link on your page did not render discount. And, After of waiting for chat support, I haven’t been able to connect for assistance. Please advise.

  7. Nancy J Plunkett|

    Wow I just read the reviews for this company. Not good. People dissatisfied even BEFORE the covid19.

  8. Johnny Jet|

    Hi Nancy,
    Natalie here (I wrote this post). I just read some of the reviews you’re talking about and I’m so surprised. I have been a Shipt user for about 5 months and have used it a lot. Every experience has been exceptional for me. My shoppers have always gone above and beyond, kept in close contact with me so I’m not left wondering what’s going on and keep me apprised of any changes they need to make to my order. I would never recommend anything that wasn’t great in my experience. I guess it all depends on the particular shopper you get and maybe I’ve just been lucky. But I’ve had a number of different shoppers and each one has been really great.

  9. Nancy Plunkett|

    Hi Natalie

    Maybe bc you are johnny’s wife you get preferential treatment with this company. Like they’re scared you might say bad things about them on your platform? Just a guess.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      They have NO idea who we are so that’s definitely not the case. Natalie started using the service after our neighbor raved about them. It must vary by region.

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