Credit: Los Angeles World Airports

Good news for all of those that want to see traffic reduced at LAX: Uber and Lyft are now authorized to use a “Rematch” functionality for drivers picking up or dropping off at LAX.

That may not sound like a big deal, but it is. It means that when shared-ride drivers (like Uber and Lyft drivers) drop off passengers at an airport terminal at LAX, they can immediately pick up new passengers without having to make an entire loop. Previously, drivers had to loop around the airport’s Central Terminal Area before picking up another passenger, only adding to the congestion. So, the authorization not only increases the number of people that can be picked up quickly but also should help with traffic in the famous LAX circuit loop.

“For the past month, Lyft and Uber have been fine-tuning Rematch ahead of the Labor Day weekend to ensure that our guests have the best experience they can in their travels to and from LAX, and we’re encouraged by the initial results,” said Keith Wilschetz, LAWA Deputy Executive Director for Operations and Emergency Management.

There’s no need for passengers to do anything different on their Uber or Lyft app. If you want a ride home, as in the past, you should just request a ride the same you always do—and hopefully you’ll get home more quickly! Let’s be honest: It’s not the best news for taxi drivers, but we will take the least amount of traffic congestion we can get at LAX.

Do you think this new rule will help LAX congestion? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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