On my Facebook page (which you can now subscribe to so please do!) I asked my friends if they have ever been to Sri Lanka since I’m thinking about going there in April. I wasn’t expecting so many positive responses! So many people said they’ve been and inlcuded links to their blog posts. I thought it was a waste that only my Facebook friends could read these posts so I decided to create a page so that everyone can read them and others can include their stories as well. I might do this for every destination – leave a comment and let me know what you think! 

FYI: The photo was taken by the talented Ashley Colburn.

5 Comments On "Share Your Sri Lanka Stories"
  1. Wandering Aramean|

    We had a phenomenal time in Sri Lanka over New Years just a couple weeks ago. The historical sites up in the country side are simply amazing. And that doesn’t even get you down to the southern coast, up into the north or out to the beaches. The country is clean, beautiful and the people are wonderful. Oh, and pretty cheap, too. If you’re anywhere in the region I’d say it is a worthwhile diversion to get there and spend some time. It was that wonderful.

  2. Rachelle|

    Hi All,

    My husband and I were in Sri Lanka a few years ago—what a great country filled with amazing people!

    Blog entry : http://filmtogive.wordpress.com/2010/02/07/elephant-crossing/

  3. Kate Writes|

    Sri Lanka is the most beautiful country on the earth, NO DOUBT.

  4. Praveen|

    Great work..! and good to read these wonderful travel stories.. I do love traveling. Sri Lanka is my favorite destination. If you discover the hidden beauty of Sri Lanka, that was amazing.

  5. Matthias Mandiau|

    I lived in Sri Lanka for 6 months in 2016. So I learned quite a lot about the country and its travel destinations.
    That’s the reason why I wrote more dan a few articles that explain useful tips, tricks & my story.

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