Photo by David Eun via Twitter @Eun
Photo by David Eun via Twitter @Eunner

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7 Comments On "What You Need To Know: SFO Airport Asiana Airlines Crash"
  1. Richard|

    Daily Telegraph says some bodies were left unattended.

  2. Anonymous|

    Look at the woman who took the time to bring her roll-on and a shopping bag. Hope she didn’t delay the evacuation of others while she went into the overhead. Do you think she ignored the pre-flight safety talk, just maybe?

  3. jenleo|

    Johnny – thanks for writing this post in an easy-to-grab-the-info-you-want format!

  4. Gail Meredith|

    Hi Johnny, Thanks for the post. Have you seen this article?
    Asiana Airlines Inc said the pilot in charge of landing the Boeing 777 that crash-landed at San Francisco’s airport on Saturday was training for the long-range plane and that it was his first flight to the airport with the jet.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      I did! And listed it last night. thanks for sending though

  5. CD|

    Reminds me of the TK1951 crash, If the initial investigation is correct.. first time a pilot is landing at a specific airport and warnings from systems ignored

  6. Hannes Uys|

    Sad to think that it could be pilot error.

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