Roadie: The cheap delivery serviceI just returned from the TBEX conference in Huntsville, Alabama. While there, I met with a bunch of cool companies including Roadie—a delivery app that’s great for road travelers because it gives them a chance to make some money.

Roadie puts unused space in passenger vehicles to work by connecting people who have stuff to send with drivers already heading in the right direction. As they told me, “Someone is leaving everywhere, going everywhere else, all the time—especially road trippers and travelers.”

Here’s how it works, straight from the site:

Create a Gig
A Gig is a delivery or a shipment. It’s basically anything that needs to go from here to there, whether you’re sending stuff across town or two states away. From paintings to patio furniture to pets, Roadie offers an easier, cheaper delivery or courier service. Simply post a Gig online or on your phone, and they’ll match you with a driver who’s already going that way.

Choose from Driver offers
Once Senders post details and pictures of the item they want to send, Drivers make offers based on location, price, and availability. Once Drivers offer to deliver the Gig, Senders are able to review ratings and experience before choosing their Driver. Double acceptance puts both sides in control — something you wouldn’t get with a traditional delivery service.

Door-to-door delivery dervice
Whether you’re shipping locally or nationwide, Roadie is often the cheapest way to get your stuff where it’s going. With Drivers in all 50 states, Roadie offers a personalized, door-to-door delivery service without the lines and hassles of going to the post office.

Relax, you’re covered
We know safety and security are top priorities when using a delivery service. That’s why we automatically include $500 insurance on each Gig, and Senders have the option to purchase up to $10,000 in additional protection. Roadie partners with UPS Capital to give you peace of mind that your items are covered from pickup to delivery.

Track your stuff in real-time
You care about your stuff, and so do we. Know where your stuff is every step of the way by checking the shipping app or using a Gig Tracking Number. Unlike traditional shipping companies or courier services, Roadie lets you track your Gig from pickup to delivery in real-time on any device. It’s just one more way we’re changing the way you ship.

I asked, “What about drugs?” Seems like an easy way for dealers to get mules to do their dirty work but their PR people told me that question comes up a lot and that’s why Roadie has an open box policy. Everything has to be inspected before going in. Depending on the length of the trip drivers can make up to $650 per delivery and even more if transporting pets.

Here’s a couple examples their PR team sent me:

#1: Jared, an avid Star Wars memorabilia collector, found a 7ft. Jar Jar statue on a Colorado Craigslist ad. He purchased the statue and started figuring out how he could ship the Gungan to his home in California. A traditional carrier’s price made Jared think it had to be shipped from Naboo, instead of just two states away, so he started looking for alternatives. He posted a Gig on Roadie, and the next day, Roadie Driver Mike offered to pick up and deliver the statue on his way to the West Coast. Because Mike had extra room in his truck and was heading that way anyway, there was plenty of room to welcome Jar Jar to the road trip. Mike picked up an easy $285, and Jar Jar arrived at Jared’s home for less than it would’ve cost with a traditional shipper.”

#2: “Starting in Denver, Tim and Alonso set off on a cross-country road trip, winding there way through the Midwest, up to the Northeast, down to the South, and across to the West. Along the way, they delivered about 40 Gigs, including sound mixing boards, couches, tables, and everything in between, and made nearly $9,000 along the way. Traveling cross-country had always been a dream of theirs, and because the two will end up making thousands by delivering Gigs along the way, they figured there was no better time to hit the road.”

But not all trips have to be long. I just put in Manhattan Beach (California) and, as the destination, the town next door (Hermosa) to ship something that would fit in the size of a shoe box and it was just $12. So if my dad ever forgets something at my house, I don’t have to go running over. I used to use Uber to deliver, but now I’ll check Roadie first.

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