I was very sad to learn that Huell Howser passed away on Sunday. I met him a few times and we shared a couple of meals together. He was just as nice as he was on TV. For those that don’t live in California, Huell hosted a PBS show called California Gold. He was so enthusiastic, passionate,  sincere, and square that he could make a paper napkin look interesting. Anyone who lives in California, owns a television, and liked to travel loved Huell. I was a huge fan. His thick Tennessee drawl will be deeply missed and I can still hear him say “wwwwwwwwooooowwww.”

Below are links to stories of Huell Howser’s life.

2 Comments On "RIP Huell Howser"
  1. Jeremy Branham|

    I was a big fan of Huell Howser. Watched him here in California on PBS. Sad to hear of his passing. As a fellow southerner who made his home in California and loves to travel, Huell and I had a few things in common.

  2. Michael|

    Very very sad to lose him.

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