Look to repositioning cruises for good cruise dealsEvery savvy cruiser knows that the best cruise deals are available on repositioning cruises. Repositioning cruises—in which ships move to new ports to begin new sailings at the end of a season—usually take place in April or September when ships are being sent to/from the Caribbean to/from Europe and Mexico to/from Alaska. You won’t get many ports of call on a repositioning cruise, but you will get a great deal.

On a related note, I always recommend booking a cruise with a cruise specialist. If you don’t have one, you can see if mine will take you on. His name is Mike Gelman (1-800-724-5868).

H/T to the Vancouver Sun.




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5 Comments On "Look to Repositioning Cruises for Good Cruise Deals"
  1. Stefani Brancato|

    I cruise a lot, and I can’t find any better deals than booking with CostcoTravel.com . They have actual agents with which you can speak, and they ALWAYS give you the ship’s promotions + either onboard credit or a Costco cash card.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Good to know!

  2. Stuart Falk|

    Nothing wrong with Cruise Specialists or their affiliated home based agents, but I find that, despite some modest perks offered by agents through their consortiums, it is more often than not better to do one’s research online and then book directly with the cruise line as no one is more familiar with their vessels and individual cabins and it is far easier to make changes to one’s booking without having to go through a third party. And, though they only sell the bigger cruise lines, I second the above posted comment praising Costco Travel, as their agents are not only well trained, but work on a salary, including full benefits, rather than being biased in their recommendations based on maximizing their commissions.

  3. lee laurino|

    had no idea Costco booked ALL cruises, shall try form my Nov and June saiing.
    Johnny, can you give me an email or web site for Mike Gelman? I dont want to take up his time and call if he does not work with solo clients who do not sail on 5 star ships? A solo traveler doesn’t generate enough commission for some agents to work with. thanks

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Sure it’s gelman24 AT bellsouth.net

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