reader-travel-tip2Where to Find Free Wi-Fi and Bathrooms Almost Anywhere
Each Friday, we feature a reader-submitted tip as our Travel Tip of the Day. This week’s tip is a two-parter, and it comes from readers weighing in on my post about why people eat McDonald’s when they travel. Says reader SG:

“…hello, free Wi-Fi! It’s gotten easier, but a few years ago, our cellular network did not have good international plans and the hotel Wi-Fi was spotty. We could count on McDonald’s to provide good Wi-Fi to keep in touch with family.”

And from reader Amy: “The bathroom in McDonald’s has saved me on more than one occasion…”

The free Wi-Fi and bathrooms (and reliable coffee) were pointed out a few times in the comments, for good reason. Wi-Fi and bathrooms can be in need anywhere, and so it’s nice to know where they’re always free (regardless of what you think about eating at McDonald’s). Thanks, guys!

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1 Comment On "Reader Travel Tip of the Day: Where to Find Free Wi-Fi and Bathrooms Almost Anywhere"
  1. Ross Copas|

    Free wifi at McDonalds. Maybe! We don’t have a cell phone and use Skype to call international. That means wifi. Well in some parts of Europe, the free wifi code at McDonalds will be sent to your cell phone. No cell phone, no free wifi. So don’t count your chickens,etc etc. As far as the bathrooms at McDonalds, sometimes you have to buy something to get the code for the bathroom door. SO, when you really need to go, you might have to buy a drink which will leave you in the same position an hour down the road. Good tips, but not everywhere.

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