reader-travel-tip2Pass Your Extra Vouchers to a Soldier
Each Friday, we’re featuring a reader-submitted tip as our Travel Tip of the Day. This week’s tip comes from Lee R., who, perhaps inspired by Tuesday’s Veterans Day tip, says:

“I receive several drink vouchers from Southwest, so, when traveling, I always look for a uniformed soul who might enjoy a drink. I’ve recently had surgeries that have kept me off of airplanes, but, thank you, Southwest, the drink tickets continue coming, but with an expiration date.

I called the USO branch at Indianapolis International Airport. The lady answering the phone graciously accepted my offer, and the coupons went out with the next day’s mail. Please ask your followers to check expiration dates on their drink vouchers, then, instead of disposing of them, pass them on.”

I’ve suggested upgrading a soldier in the past, and am all for saying thank you to our military by whatever means possible. If you have extra drink vouchers, on Southwest or any other airline, passing them on would be a great gesture. Thanks Lee!



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2 Comments On "Reader Travel Tip of the Day: Pass Your Extra Vouchers to a Soldier"
  1. Scott|

    Brillant! I’ve tried giving uniformed soliders coupons in the boarding area but usually they refuse and something I think they don’t quite trust me. Sending them to or dropping them off at the USO office is a great idea.

  2. Adventurer Stacey|

    I’m all for not wasting things and if someone can get some use out of something I’d otherwise throw out then yep, I’d rather they have it.

    ALSO; you know they’ve worked hard for your country (whichever that is) and they would probably appreciate a drink after all their hard work.

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