reader-travel-tip2How to Rent a Tesla for Much Less
Each Friday, we feature a reader-submitted tip as our Travel Tip of the Day. This week’s tip comes from reader (and my buddy) Dan Nainan, who says:

“I’m the proud owner of a Tesla Model S, and when I travel on the road, which I do frequently, I find it difficult to drive a regular ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) car, because nothing compares to the Tesla.

However, renting a Tesla has been prohibitively expensive. Places like Hertz, etc. charge $500 a day or more. I found an amazing solution— Formerly Relay Rides, Turo will let you rent cars from private owners; sort of a peer-to-peer car rental service. In Los Angeles, I recently rented a Tesla for just $84 a day! The owner was kind enough to pick me up at LAX, and we became friends.

For four days, I paid only about $80 total more than I would have for a regular rental car. I charged the car at the Tesla Supercharger, so there was zero cost for ‘gas.’ Thanks to Turo, Teslas, as well as all types of other cars, are available for rent all over the country. In fact, I’m thinking about listing my car on the site to make some extra money!”

Sounds like it’s worth a try. Thanks, Dan!

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