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Greetings from the JW Marriott in Bloomington, Minnesota! I’m here for Natalie’s destination baby shower at Mall of America (yes, it’s a new thing). If you want to follow my travels in real time, here are my social channels: Facebook | Instagram | Periscope | Twitter

Now on to the tip: Each Friday, we feature a reader-submitted tip as our Travel Tip of the Day. This week’s tip comes from an anonymous reader, who says:

“No matter if I’m traveling alone or with my husband, a few hours or a thousand miles from home, I travel with a rubber door stop to use at any hotel. When I turn in for the night, the door is locked, and I push the rubber stop in under the door—closest to the opening jam. Just another layer of security.”

A great tip. Thanks, anonymous reader!

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3 Comments On "Reader Travel Tip of the Day: Bring a Rubber Door Stop"
  1. Johnbuoy|

    It can also be used to hold open the door when you’re moving your luggage in or out of the room for those room doors that close automatically.

  2. Richard Bitting|

    This is what I use, very good, very loud, plus you cannot get the door open no matter how hard you push, the rubber base grips the floor (as long as it don’t ride on the carpet, in that case it may not be possible to get it up under the door). But it is very very loud.

  3. Bonni|

    Yes, I done this, especially while traveling alone. It props the door open while the bellman is in the room or if I am pulling my bag or taking it out. It is light weight and easy to store in carry on luggage. Thanks for great tip for using it inside the room at night.

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