My buddy Robert Rose, who hosts the popular travel show Raw Travel, which airs nationwide on a variety of networks including CBS, NBC and Fox, posted a message on Facebook about testing positive for COVID-19 two days after arriving in Paris.

Robert thinks he might have contracted the virus on the airplane but he’s not sure. I invited him to chat with me on my podcast about his experience and to offer up his advice for those planning on traveling internationally this summer. Robert is man enough to admit that he made some mistakes along the way, including not packing some key medical essentials like a pulse oximeter or getting travel insurance.

He did share a helpful website for those looking to find American medication equivalents in France (spoiler alert … they’re not the same).

Here’s my 35-minute interview (YouTube or Podcast).

YouTube video

3 Comments On "Travel Host Tests Positive for COVID in Paris. Here's what he learned."
  1. William Lovell|

    You’ve drummed it into my head…take extra meds, take extra meds!! I take 2 weeks extra.

  2. Meg|

    Thanks, can you please publish a summary too?

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Hi! I meant to do one but I’ve been crazy busy. Will try tonight

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