Photo by: Trishna Patel

Tucked away in the old, quaint suburb of Tremont in West Cleveland, is the original house from the 1983 cult classic, “A Christmas Story.” Yes, that’s right, Ralphie Parker’s house wasn’t actually located in Hohman, Indiana as it’s portrayed in the film. (I realize for some this may be life changing information.)

In 2004 a private developer, Brian Jones, purchased the 19th century Victorian home. It was only used for external shots in the movie, so Jones (an avid fan of A Christmas Story) drew detailed plans of its interiors which were filmed on a Toronto sound stage. He eventually gutted the structure and transformed it into a near-replica of the home in the movie, both inside and out.

Across the street is the museum and gift shop where you can view the original props, costumes, and memorabilia, including Randy’s snowsuit and the chalkboard from Miss Shields’ classroom.

The house-turned-tourist-attraction is now open year round to the public for tours and seems to have rejuvenated an otherwise low key, blue-collar community.

If you have a sentimental connection or consider the movie a holiday classic, I’d recommend a visit.


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