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Yes To travel wipes: How to take a quick shower without getting wetMy wife and I don’t travel without an assortment of wipes for our 19-month-old son, Jack. We have antibacterial clothes to wipe down plane surfaces, diaper wipes for you know what, all-natural cloths to wipe down his hands and face, and Boogie Wipes for his nose. We might even have more. I know it’s a little much but we don’t mess around we travel.

Well, while I was working on a recent flight I read a story on must carry-on items and one of them was “man wipes.” The official name of the product is the Yes To Natural Man Shower to Go Cleansing Cloths Men’s Body Wipes. It got me thinking: Why doesn’t everyone carry these sorts of wipes? I already carry antibacterial wipes and all of the above for Jack, but there have been numerous times where I’ve been running around all day and either my deodorant ran its course or I just neglected to put some on. So why not carry man wipes and make sure I don’t ruin anyone’s flight with my body odor? I can recall many flights where I’ve sat next to or near people who really could’ve used a body wipe.

That’s why I’m featuring the Yes To Natural Man Shower to Go Cleansing Cloths Men’s Body Wipes this week, even though they really need to come up with a better name. What I like about these body wipes is that they’re made with 97% natural ingredients: compostable, natural cloth, FSC fabric, aloe, and coffee seed extract. They’re paraben-free, SLS-free and silicone-free. Each pack contains 30 cleansing cloths. A single pack costs just $5.99 at Walmart.


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