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A great product for skiers that get altitude sickness

One of my friends posted on Facebook recently about how much she loved the cans of oxygen she brought with her on a ski trip. She wrote, “For those of you who suffer from altitude sickness, these cans of oxygen saved my life! At Telluride and Taos we stayed slope side thus always at high altitude. Yes, I went through about a large can a day and a small can per riding. For severer sufferers, a lifesaver. It’s now like part of my gear.”

The cans she shared are sold by Boost Oxygen and cost about $20 a can on Amazon. Before you go out and buy them, however, remember that you can’t bring oxygen cans on a plane (in a carry-on or a checked bag since they’re combustible). Instead, if you’re going to a mountain resort, you might consider having them delivered to your hotel/rental in advance. The hotel also may have them for sale (at a premium), so be sure to check with the front desk.

Have you used a can of oxygen in high elevation before? What did you think? Leave a comment below.

3 Comments On "A Great Product for Skiers That Get Altitude Sickness"
  1. Ari|

    Please don’t mistake these for an actual solution for acute mountain sickness. They’re a gimmick that works best at masking your lack of acclimatization to altitude (or worse, a more serious health issue).

    Better solution…pre-treat with diamox and hydrate hydrate hydrate.

  2. Larry David|

    Fantastic article! I love boost oxygen and have been using it for some time now. It really helps with my altitude sickness and I travel a lot. I couldn’t be happier with it.

  3. rachel frampton|

    I usually have a hard time breathing after a massive hangover. That’s why I’m glad yo learn that canned oxygen exists, I wonder where could I possibly buy one because this is honestly a huge help for me. Once I got one, I’d make sure not to bring on a plane or place it on my carry on luggage, just like what you stated here.

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