When I read this article on MSN “Let it rip with these deodorizer fart pads” I thought it was a joke. Then I realized airlines should provide these to all their passengers. It’s a pad that is to be worn inside of your underwear (would not be effective with boxer type underwear) and helps control odors. $29.95/10 pack

4 Comments On "Product of the Week: Flat-D Flatulence Deoderizer"
  1. Anonymous|

    I totally agree. I spent my last airline flight trying desperately not to inhale for a good hour. It would have been nice if the stewardess could have just politely handed the guest a pad, better if he had one on prior. Too funny!

  2. Bill|

    Thank God it’s not a scratch & sniff item!

  3. Durant Imboden|

    Magellan’s offers (or maybe used to offer) a cushion for airline travelers that does much the same thing as these pads do, albeit less conveniently and less discreetly.

    One question: Do these things show up on airport body scanners? The embarrassment of being quizzed about your gluteal gas mask would be bad enough, but who wants to be subjected to a strip search because the feds think they’ve nabbed another Underwear Bomber?

  4. Christopher Niall|

    From the land of ‘god and guns’ to the land of ‘god, guns and “deodorizer fart pants”‘! Probably be a reality TV show next season!

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