When I attended the Travel Goods Show in Las Vegas a couple of months ago, I was excited to see Cascade Designs was one of the 260 exhibitors. I wrote about their E-Cases a few years ago when they first introduced them but it was premature since they didn’t have a website set up (at least not one I could find) and they also had very limited inventory. I was bummed because when I was given one of their cell phone E-Cases in a gift bag for speaking at the ATTA conference in Scotland, I immediately fell in love with it. That’s because I could stick my phone in the ultra-clear urethane case and go down to the beach to play volleyball and in between games still type, talk and take pictures without getting it sandy. Their cases are perfect for travelers – especially adventure travelers as they are 100% submersible and their proprietary dual-track SealLock locks everything out. They are slim and sensible in design. E-Cases range in price and come in all shapes and sizes including for the iPad.

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  1. nancy reid|

    Looks like a fabulous product! Definitely one to put on my must have for travel list!

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