This pineapple slicer and de-corer makes eating pineapple easyI don’t normally write about household products but this one is too good not to (and it’s semi-travel-related). One of my favorite parts of traveling internationally is trying exotic fruits. My favorites are mangosteens, rambutans, mangos, and pineapple. Fortunately, pineapples and mangos can be found pretty much anywhere in U.S. grocery stores (and rambutans here) so each time I take a bite of either it transports me back to Hawaii or St. Lucia.

Well, the other day, I decided to take a chance on a pineapple slicer and de-corer that was featured in Amazon’s “Today’s Deals” section. It had over 2,000 reviews and ridiculously high ratings and it was cheap ($7.99). So I took a chance and as you can tell, I’m glad I did.

The one thing I used to hate about pineapples is that they’re difficult to cut and expensive to buy pre-sliced. Well, that’s all changed thanks to this nifty device. Just as it’s billed, all you have to do is slice the top off, center the device and turn. It’s so easy that my dad can do it. It doesn’t take any strength to turn but you do have to give it a good pull to get it out. It really makes perfectly shaped rings. It’s so easy that it helps me take a virtual trip to the islands with even less effort. I even just bought two more: one for my sister and my mother-in-law!


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