There are a handful of reasons that make carry-ons a darling among travelers, including convenience and being comfortable to carry. The best carry-on luggage should not be troublesome when navigating airport security. They should also be easier to move around with than suitcases, especially in crowded places.

7 Tips for Making Airport Travel Easier
Carry-on luggage is often cheaper and easier to travel with than checked luggage.

Picking the Best Carry-on Luggage

Of course, there are numerous options on the market, and you may need a keen eye to pick the best. Let’s admit it; not all luggage are created equally. Some are better than others. As such, we are going to look at some of the things you should check for and name a few great brands that may fulfill your needs.


No one buys a carry-on just for the sake of it. They often have a purpose in mind. Even so, the ideal luggage should be comfortable to carry and allow you to move with ease through the airport. Also, keep in mind that you may be traveling for long distances, and an uncomfortable luggage could slow you down.

If you prefer the wheeled version, a luggage with wheels that can turn 360 degrees is sufficient to avoid running into the feet of others while on the move. They are much easier to control.

Consider a carry on like the Antler Atom Four Wheel. It features comfortable handles to make your movement much easier. It is also lightweight and has adequate storage capacity for your needs, making it one of the best carry-on luggage options. 


Looks matter – even as it relates to your luggage. You will be carrying your luggage in popular places and it pays off if it looks good. We are not insisting on aesthetics over utility. But style contributes in part to your comfort.

When you look good, you usually feel good. Something like the Maxwell-Scott® Luxury Tan Leather Carry On Case has the look to send off the right impression. The best carry-on luggage will be unique to your personality.


It can be a hassle trying to fit all the essentials properly in your carry on luggage. As such, your choice of luggage should provide you with enough space and allow you to keep your items organized at the same time. Having everything in one large compartment is not a practical or efficient way of packing.

You may end up having everything jumbled or end up scratching some important piece of merchandise you have tucked away in your carry on. Plus, if you need to find something quickly, an unorganized luggage may be a challenge.

Depending on your needs, the ideal stress-free carry on should boast at least one large pocket on the outside and a few others on the inside. Even so, access to these pockets must be flawless for airport checks. It is quite embarrassing having to struggle to get your items out while the airport staff is waiting.

Remember also to check the luggage limits of your airline before you purchase. A quick internet search can provide you with that info. For example, here’s the luggage limit of Jet Blue.

If you are a frequent traveler, then choose the smallest luggage. It is better to always be on the safe side than not to be sure at all.

Additional Features

It feels great and convenient owning some of the most modern and technologically advanced backpacks. Today’s travel luggage are now following a similar trend. For example, there is now carry-on luggage that can weigh themselves, charge your devices, and even connect to WiFi. However, not all of them are accepted by airlines.

This is because they contain lithium-ion batteries that airlines classify as flammable. If their batteries are non-removable, then it would be best to leave them at home as airlines will not have them as checked luggage. According to airport regulations, you should remove all batteries before boarding the plane.

To be on the safe side, you should check that batteries are removable before purchase. Some have clear labels to that effect, but others do not. In any case, test by removing and returning the cells.


Typically, you should never be too price-conscious if you need a quality bag that you can count the years with. In most cases, cheap and quality do not go hand-in-hand. Consider spending a little bit more and invest in a good carry-on. On the flipside, expensive does not always translate to quality. Don’t spend thousands of dollars on a carry on just because you can. A few hundred will do just fine (as long as your requirements check out).

For information on a list of affordable options, check out Jamaica Hotel Review’s post on the Best Carry On Luggage.

Tips for Stress-Free Travel

Organization of your carry-on is critical to ensure sound travel. Ensure all your valuables such as jewelry, phone, and other devices are in the carry-on rather than in the checked luggage. It serves as a safety measure in case your bags get lost. 

However, keep some of the cash in between the pages of your magazine or paperback as a safeguard in case thieves snatch your wallet. They are least likely to check the books if they access your luggage.

Your contact lenses and prescription pills are other must-carries in your carry-ons. It would be quite difficult to replace your medicines and contact lenses in the event you lost your bags. 

The best carry-on luggage will keep your items safe, be easy to travel with, and (most importantly) make you happy.

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