Bd4s2aCIMAAPlwQThis photo just showed up in my Twitter feed thanks to @N20904 and @RunwayGirl. It’s just too good not to feature. I don’t know if I should shake my head in disbelief or in laughter so I need your help. What’s your reaction to this pic? You have to at least have a funny caption!

46 Comments On "Photo: Caption It!"
  1. P Fedora|

    How about…..Traction at 37000 ft.

  2. Shelly Rivoli|

    Going out on a limb here – “Fart away your neighbor in coach – more leg room yours for the mere price of modest burrito.” I win something for this, right? :-) (Probably not a plane ticket…)

  3. cd|

    Stink bomb

  4. Lazear|

    Don’t look at my screen, you have your own!

  5. thepixinator|

    “It’s just nice to meet another human that shares my affinity for leather elf culture.”

  6. Anonymous|


  7. Anonymous|

    Leather pants shrunk in the cold……can’t bend my legs.

  8. Jan|

    Warp speed in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

  9. Roy Ripper|


  10. Anonymous|

    Dr. Va-Jay-Jay will see you shortly…

  11. Jan Patrick|

    Hey! They put an extra row where my legroom was supposed to be!

  12. Bob Anderson|

    “My gynecologist will do exams in the craziest places.”

  13. Rosemary|

    Just doing what I was told to do: “Store your carry-on under the seat in front of you.”

  14. naoma|

    No manners. No class. Glad I was not sitting beside this one or I’d have told her what I thought.

  15. William Hartley|

    “And there I was, coming off the ski jump adjacent to the airport…”

  16. Flequent Fryer|

    In hindsight, Jenny realized that she should have paid the $3 “floorspace included” airline upgrade fee for her seat assignment.

  17. Kyle|

    The newest perk: free physical exams in Economy Comfort

  18. Rob|

    Leg room!

  19. Joediver|

    I’m still trying to get over the rubber pants she’s wearing???

  20. Anonymous|

    Looks like a US Air plane but with a tv

  21. Ron Kostamo|

    “Another airline delivery!”

  22. whimsy|

    One way to avoid deep vein thrombosis

  23. Susan Thomas Makrauer|

    I see the head! PUSH!

  24. Eric M|

    NOir Legroom in Coach

  25. Richard Kost|

    Goddammit! Are my knees really that bony?

  26. Wordsi|

    Who needs first class? There is PLENTY of leg room in coach!

  27. Leslie|

    She thought the flight attendant said her FEET must be in the upright position!

  28. Anonymous|

    Nancy Says!
    Push, push, pant! I’m about to give birth to a teeny tiny 747!

  29. Steve Jones|

    Excuse me…Flight Attendant,Where’s the button for the oxygen mask?I think I smell feet ….coming from his collar!

  30. Steve Jones|

    I meant “HER”collar

  31. Anonymous|

    ..I asked them nicely…..I said ” oh no Mr. TSA agent…PLEASE don’t confiscate my Preparation H.”

  32. Moe|

    Just following Doctor’s orders..

  33. Jason H.|

    THIS is why performing magic while texting should be illegal…especially the “Saw-the-Lady-in-Half” trick!

  34. Laurie Dawes|

    I wonder if we are going to land before this baby comes…

  35. Dan Telfer|

    “I am still cold after staying at the Ice Hotel in Iceland”

  36. Rachel M|

    This week on howstuffworks, “How to go into labor” Yeah, maybe not the smartest option for in-flight entertainment.

  37. TomParkCity|

    Not a good location for an OB/GYN internal exam.

  38. RJJ|

    This is the last time I let you pick the seats!!

  39. m.share|

    To prepare for arrival please make sure your seat backs, tray tables, and knees are in their full upright and locked position.

  40. pinkladycat|

    The airlines keep putting the seats closer together so you have to put your legs somewhere.

  41. Mon|

    whoever said there was no leg room in coach lied!

  42. Anonymous|

    Obamacare: OB/ GYN visits are a “little different”

  43. Anonymous|

    Typical leg room in coach seating.

  44. E Kennedy|

    Being short in coach gives you a leg up

  45. Marv Wayne|

    I hope she doesn’t have “toemain” poisoning…

  46. Missy|


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