How to pay tolls using an appPayTollo is a brilliant new app that allows users who don’t have an E-ZPass to bypass cash toll lanes and cruise through express toll lanes. The app is available for both Android and iOS users, though right now it’s only available in Orange County (California) and Florida. The reviews in the app stores aren’t great, but travel blogger Steph from One Mile at a Time wrote that she used it and it worked well.

You can register within a minute by entering your information, vehicle information and preferred payment option. Once you’ve registered, you have access to supported express toll lanes—and you’re ready to go. Upon approaching a toll booth, based on geolocation, a notification is sent alerting you of payment.

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Good to know:

  • PayTollo will not work with an unshielded transponder in your vehicle.
  • At a toll plaza, do not use the cash lane. Use the electronic lanes.
  • “Pending” transactions are notifications that you have crossed a toll plaza.
  • If your phone is off/dead/missing and your active vehicle crosses a toll, your PayTollo account will pay that toll. You will see those toll crossings appear in the app within 5-7 business days.

I hope the app takes off and expands to other states as it would save so much time, aggravation and money.

Note: If you’re renting a car, you should be sure to remove the license plate data from the app (you need to take a picture of the plate and store in the app) of the rental immediately after returning it so you don’t get charged when future drivers go through tolls. And be sure that the rental car agency that offers toll tags is in the off position. If you’re charged twice, as Steph was with Enterprise, do what she did: take a screenshot of the app showing that it paid the toll and email the rental car company. In Steph’s case, they quickly credited the charge on her credit card.


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  1. Joni|

    I am a car transporter. I do not drive a big rig, I drive the actual car to its destination.
    I drove almost 8200 miles in about three weeks time, so far this is my typical month. I have driven from Alabama to New York and back down to sarasota Florida (6 runs, cars) and from California to New York (only 2 cars on this one).
    I do have a transporter plate, yet so far I only average using it maybe one out of 10 times, the rest of the time the car goes with the tag on it

    I need either an app or a gadget or something that allows me to pass through tolls legally paying them as I go with different tags in different states I don’t mind going onto an app or a site entering the car and the tag as I pick each car up. As long as I have the knowledge if I happen to go through a toll in less than 30 minutes after picking up I’m set and good to go.

    As you can see this is a little bit of a predicament. If you know of anything that Yes out there and work from a situation that would greatly appreciate you sharing the knowledge. If you don’t elevate anything we need to collaborate get something out there there’s lots I was driving around like this that would be happy to pay extra not have to worry about it.

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