Use this reader tip before you park at the airport
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Each Friday, we feature a reader-submitted tip as our Travel Tip of the Day. This week’s reader tip comes from reader Westley, who shares an important development at LAX—and a lesson to remember the next time you want to park at the airport (any airport):

“I’ve been traveling for business and pleasure out of LAX for decades! As a regular, I had gotten very used to the long-term parking Lot C. The other day I gave myself plenty of time…I thought…and casually turned down the street for Lot C. What? There was no Lot C! Just lots of construction. I panicked. I wasted time driving around the area absolutely certain there would be signage for the changed location of Lot C. But I saw nothing. I frantically asked a construction worker who gave me directions to Lot E (??) in very heavily accented English. I tried to follow his directions, but got lost, kind of. There is so much construction and it’s so far away.

“Finally, I found my way turning down Century, but time was ticking. I had gotten so far away from the airport, and still hadn’t reached Lot E yet. I figured by the time I got to Lot E and got on the courtesy bus and the bus slowly made its way to the terminals, I would be late to my flight. So I again panicked, did a U-turn back to Century and turned into a not-so-cheap long-term parking lot, The Parking Spot. It was easy and clean and the bus came fast and took us right to our terminal. Upon my return a week later I had a HUGE bill…more than $200. OMG!”

The takeaway, and a tip for anyone planning to park at the airport

Thanks for sharing, Westley. Yes, Lot C at LAX is now gone. The new Lot E ($12/day) is located at 5455 W. 111th St, near the Proud Bird (which I love and wrote about here). You can see it on a map, with all of LAX’s parking lots, on this page. The airport has said that Lot E is 15-30 minutes from the terminals “depending on traffic,” as reported by the Los Angeles Times.

It might not have occurred to you before (it didn’t to me), but it’s true: Before you park at the airport, you should make sure that a parking lot that you’ve used before is still open! LAT recommends using to find a parking spot. You should also make sure to at least price out a ride to/from the airport. I used to park at The Parking Spot when flying out of LAX, but now that it’s so much easier and cheaper to take an Uber or a Lyft, I do that instead. (I also use Blacklane, for which I’m a brand ambassador.) You could save money that way or just as importantly save time and stress. And no matter which option you choose, leave yourself plenty of time to make your flight.


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3 Comments On "Use This Reader Tip Before You Park at the Airport (+ an LAX Parking Update)"
  1. Doug Stanley|

    Johnny – I was cracking up reading your story about Lot C as the same exact thing happened to me a few months ago! I have since used Lot E several times and the buses run often and it doesn’t take long to come and go. I also use Lot E for pick up and drop off for LAX – I just tell people to grab the Lot E bus when they arrive and I hang out at the Proud Bird until they text me they’re on the way. They get off at the first stop and walk the 100 yards to the street and I pick up or drop off there. If someone has a lot of luggage, a one hour ticket in Lot E cost $4.00 bucks but then I can pick up folks right there at the first stop and away we go. Thanks for the laugh this morning as I was kicking myself when it happened to me but I feel better knowing it happened to you too!! Enjoy your newsletter and hear you on Leo on Saturdays – I grew up just west of Hartford (Simsbury CT) and have been out here 30 years. Glad you got your Dad down to Florida where it’s warm this time of year! Doug, Brea

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Hey Doug,

      Thanks for letting me know! That was a reader tip so it didn’t happen to me but it very well could have. All the best, Johnny

  2. Cathie Roberson|

    Offering another suggestion, because I think the parking around LAX is ridiculously expensive, I downloaded the app WAY and it suggest less expensive parking. The parking may be a bit further than LOT E, but it can be less expensive than $12.00 per day. Just another option!

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