You already have several travel apps on your phone to track your flight status and other travel reservations, but have you found an app yet that helps you book travel. In its latest rollout, the Hipmunk App makes it possible for iOS users to book their entire trip from the phone. If you’re prone to forget when you have meetings, Hipmunk can steer you away from any potential scheduling conflicts too.

Hipmunk App

What’s New With Hipmunk?

If you already use Hipmunk to find cheap flights, you’re already familiar with their price alerts for flights and hotels. And, maybe you’ve even tried out their Facebook Messenger and Slack chat features to find affordable travel too.

In Hipmunk’s latest app update, you can now:

  • Sync your TripIt account or Apple Calendar account
  • Locate missing travel plans

Connecting Your TripIt and Apple Calendar Account

Two ways that you might set travel and meeting reminders is with TripIt and Apple Calendar.

After you book a flight or hotel room, most travel providers now have a button in the confirmation message to add the reservation to your phone or email calendar. TripIt and Apple Calendar pull the information from your email, phone, and internet activity.

Now that the Hipmunk App pulls your TripIt and Apple Calendar information, you can have your travel reservations (TripIt) and business commitments (Apple Calendar) in a single place.

Locate Missing Travel Plans

Because Hipmunk now connects with TripIt and Apple Calendar, it’s easier than ever to see if you’ve already booked your flight and hotel rooms for your out-of-town travel.

If you’re sometimes forgetful like me and remember the general timeframe when you will be traveling, but not the exact dates, Hipmunk’s integration means you no longer have to switch to a different app to pin down the travel dates and then switch back to Hipmunk to research your travel options.

Not only will you save time, you will also save money because you remembered to book early, instead of when your personal assistant reminds you a week before the trip.

And, if you’ve booked a flight but a hotel or Airbnb reservation isn’t popping up on the Hipmunk app, they will ask if you still need to book a hotel room.

One-Click Travel Research

Hipmunk searches for plane tickets, hotel rooms, cars, and travel packages. They even look for Airbnb and Amtrak listings too.

While you can look for each leg of travel yourself, Hipmunk also lets you send a social media or email message to start your travel search. As your digital travel assistant, you tell Hipmunk what you need and they send a message back. If you like those results, you click on the reservation you want to book and it’s all yours a few seconds later.

Never Forget a Travel Reservation Again

The busier you get, the harder it can be to remember to book your trips. Hipmunk is working hard to eliminate that problem. Connecting with TripIt and Apple Calendar is an excellent start and it helps make this free app even better when you want to book travel quickly and affordable.

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