My wife (her website is and you can follow her on social at @NatalieDiScala) is seriously the most amazing person I’ve ever met. That’s why I married her! In addition to being one of the nicest, sweetest, smartest, most talented, most stylish, and prettiest people on the planet, she’s also an amazing mother and between working and taking care of our family, she has also found the time to finally publish the children’s book that she wrote—get this—when she was 12-years old.

Once our son Jack was born, she decided she wanted to finally get the book published for him. She changed the original name of the main character to Jack and commissioned her friend who’s an amazing artist to illustrate the book.

The upside of self-publishing is that you can publish your book yourself in a timely fashion but the downside is that the finished product is crazy expensive, plus the publishing platform and Amazon both take a cut. In fact, Natalie’s not making money on the book unless she sells 5,000 copies. But even if she doesn’t make a dime, she’s now able to tick another dream off her list and she made it come true at a time when she’s never been busier or had less sleep. I couldn’t be prouder of her.

If you buy it and check it out, I know she’d love to know what you think!

Grab it: Grab “Jack and the Cookie Jar” by Natalie DiScala on Amazon for $45.


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