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This past week I was in Phoenix, Arizona to attend the US Airways Media Day. Instead of just going out for that one meeting I made a fun trip out of it and went a couple days early. I wrote about all my highlights so just click the links you are interested in for more details. My trip included catching a Dodgers (vs. Brewers) spring training game, staying in two amazing hotels (Hotel Valley Ho and Fairmont Princess), getting massages at both hotel spas and then checking out the Musical Instrument Museum — a new world-class museum.

My trip to the airport was smooth as well. That’s because I used LAX Parking Curb Express where they drop you off and pick you up in your own car in front of the terminal (see my story for details). I was also able to dodge Terminal 1’s long security line because I have elite status on United and US Airways is one of their Star Alliance partners (another reason why you should aim to make the lowest level of an airline’s frequent flier program). Then when my flight was delayed by 45 minutes, instead of huffing and puffing like all the other passengers I just busted out my computer and logged on to the internet using my Boingo account through T-Mobile’s wireless connection. The little things like this make travel so much more pleasant.

It’s also key to get on the plane early because passengers who boarded at the end including all those holding a Zone 5 pass had to gate check their bags as there was no more room in the overhead bins. I didn’t get upgraded but I was able to board with Zone 1 and get one of the best coach seats on US Airways’ A321 planes. They are 10A, 10C, 10F and 9D and 9E.

Some random things that happened or I noticed:
–I had cool seatmates on both flights which only takes 52 minutes in the air.
–In LAX I went to McDonald’s to buy water and next to me was a US Airways flight attendant who ordered a Southwest salad. I thought that was weird since the two airlines share the same terminal. Ha ha!
–On my return flight home, an oblivious passenger dropped his bag on my knee and instead of being a jerk, I said, “It’s okay, I have another,” with a smile. The passenger behind him said, “Wow, this going to be a really good flight since everyone is so friendly.”

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