One of my favorite hobbies is collecting passport stamps and I think I do a pretty good job filling up mine. Unfortunately, my compadre is going to expire next August and since I’m taking a month off from traveling (at least internationally) I thought it would be the perfect time to get it renewed. I don’t know about you but my passport is so much more than just a document that gets me in and out of countries. Mine represents freedom and inspiration. When I’m bored or down I flip through it so I can instantly become transported or energized. Although the State Department is supposed to return old passports I scanned all 64 of my pages just in case they don’t or it gets lost in the mail. Rather than just letting them sit lonely on a remote external hard drive I’ve decided to display them on with the hopes it will provide inspiration for others. You know I used to not only be afraid to fly but to leave the house. Seriously! And if I can do it – anyone can.



2 Comments On "My Passport Stamps (2002-2011)"
  1. buildingmybento|

    I’m particularly interested in your Avianca stamp. If you didn’t fly with AV, do you reckon you would not have received it?

    Also, the US is particularly unimaginative in this realm. Even though the EU ones are rather dull, at least they share how you entered/exited somewhere (through images of a plane/locomotive/car/boat/etc).

    Then again, China is red, red, red. They are the main reason why my passport swelled up to Texan proportions (


    1. Johnny Jet|

      I did fly AV

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