How to automatically charge backup your phone at the same timeMy wife just changed the email associated with her iTunes account and somehow lost half of her photos/videos from our recent Ireland trip. That hurt. But then the folks from MEEM emailed me and told me about their unique product, and with that memory fresh, I listened. The MEEM—besides having an annoying name that’s all capitalized—is a phone charger that automatically backs up your phone or device with one cable. Every time you charge your phone, MEEM automatically backs up the personal data held on it to the cable itself: a simple solution that fits into your daily routine with no third party access to your info. It’s pretty brilliant.

If my wife had used this device to charge her phone, she would still have her photos/videos from our trip. And if you have this charger and lose your phone or get it stolen or damaged, you can easily transfer them to your new phone. Note: Plug is not included. It’s also great for travel since it’s portable, and you never need to depend on the cloud or pay any fees. I’m just not sure if you can password-protect the device.

The MEEM Memory charger starts at $59 on Amazon.


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